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My name is Scott Fausnaugh. Back in July when I was on vacation with my family I had stopped at the Pep Boys in Fayetteville North Carolina to get 2 new tires on my van. I had made an appointment online and got to the store at that time. I had to end up upgrading to get four brand new tires because per your rules you cannot put the new tires on the front and that is where I needed them. Long story short, and you can get the rest of the information from my complaint that I filed back then, It took over 5 hours to get my tires put on and that ended up costing me One night stay at the hotel we were going to. When I finally did speak with the manager from the tire department of that store, He said that since I live in Delaware he would mail me coupons for some free oil changes. I told him that would be OK but it has now been 2 months and I never received the coupons. In addition to this, I paid for them to fix the TPMS(TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM) and it still isn't fixed. The other thing that was extremely aggravating was when I did return home from my vacation I had a voicemail message at my mother's house from the Pep Boys in Fayetteville Saying something along the lines of that they did not receive payment for the services and that they were going to be contacting the police!! Now being that I had to pay the balance in full before I could even get the keys back to my vehicle this message was quite alarming. So all in all my experience with that store was, to say the least, horrendous and I am very upset since myself and my family have been customers for over 30 years. Please let me know what is going to be done to attempt to reconcile this problem.

Thank You,

Scott Fausnaugh

Sep 20, 2018
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      Oct 03, 2018

    I went to get 2 new tired and was told that the sensors on my valve stems were old and rusty. When I had my other 2 tires replaced 9 months ago, those valve stems were completely fine. I'm not sure why 2 of them were fine but 2 of them were not. I'm considering going somewhere else for service.

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