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On October 16, 2017 I had called pep boys in lake worth fl .The gentleman I spoke to ovwr the phone es Eddie ask him if they service BMW he said yes I told I will like to schedule appt so on October 18, 2017 I brought my car in I had a light that turn on and I need to see if they can check it Lao I ask about an oil change my vehicle only has 36, 995 no my car is sllwys serve at the BMW for any repairs including oil change but Rene was the person I spoke to and he yes we service BMW and we can do it for you told us how they can work on these car I never thought it will become a nightmare my husband Luis told he wanted inspection on my car water brakes etc Rene said yes we do that no worries and to remove the light that came on it was the rear brake light bulbs that were bad and to reset it her sk for our number approximately 2-3 hrs later called said car ready ok I will be there.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lake Worth, FL I got to the store he tell everything is look great on your car he even ask me how much es I selling it for cause we did have a conversation about my vehicle well story short I payed and left happy now on 11/1 my husband sent me a picture with oil on the driveway and ask I did know my car had been leaking oil when we open the hood there was oil all around my motor and underneath I took pictures and my vehicle the motor was spotless no oil stain coming out I feel out immediately call pep boys a gentleman answer and I told what happened he said bring it in ok j walk in at 7:30am I ask the lady by the register for someone in maintenance to come out I waited for over 30min nobody didn't knowledge that I was there waiting then came older man sk me if I was taken care of and he happened to be a training he told me it was his 2nd day he cause there were no managers there to speak to I her them say they called Eddie and he was on his way .Im already upset what going on and how poor customer service is at your store well then a mechanic came out he spoke Spanish ask me what was going on I told him he went got my vehicle I showed him what's was happening the older man came up to us started asking questions about my car and the the the what needed to be done they change my oil filter said it was bad but my car es leakitoil sill I told j want my car back the way I brought it you clean I bever had an oil leak in my driveway and the older guy said they will look underneath it to ok 1hour later go by the gentleman come back and sk ne how long did I gave the vehicle also said that I had oil Kees where the gasket ws that my car has been leaking oil for a very long time it ws there fault I told him bullsjit my car was revise I had plenty of oil changes from BMW company ever once told I had oil leak my cr never had oil round the engine he said I had sand in my oil pan said I either ws going through dirt r bottom point he told I had to take to BMW to get service I had warranty on my car what the hell you they did it not there fault they won't fix my car the way I brought it it was clean never had an issue car was spotless I'm in tears cause I trusted your workers and up my unable to get it fix I pursuing this complaint and will gave a attorney look in to this for the damages on my car very disappointed how you have mechanics that have some knowledge to fix vehicles but not knowledgeable to fix my car has to be park until I can get it fix do to how things were handle

Nov 03, 2017
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