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Pep Boys / “miscellaneous shop charge” is a scam

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Do NOT let this company scam you after offering a sale price. I have, repeatedly, put them on the line over the "miscellaneous shop charge" and have refused service once being told that they will apply it.

If people do not complain, they won't get rid of the charge. A sale price should INCLUDE the miscellaneous incidentals like a dab of grease, a little spring that is a routine part of the job, a bolt, etc... Nothing about the way they add this charge is ethical.

And why do we take this company's bull and still go back? Because they are one of the few who does service on the weekends when we are all off.

Let me also add that Pep Boys' labour rate is now flirting with dealership rates--I have gotten several DEALERSHIP oil/transmission/coolant changes that were LESS THAN Pep Boys.

Consider a change when possible. There are other operations doing walk-in service cropping up everywhere. Patronize them because they're most likely starving for some of Pep Boys' customer base.


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  • Da
      13th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I recently went to the Pep Boys in Matthews, NC to have my oil changed. The only reason that I even went to Pep Boys instead of my usual place is because I received a coupon for a $17.99 oil change. After the oil change was completed, I handed over my coupon and when I went to sign my receipt, I noticed that the total was over $21.00. A closer look revealed a "shop charge" of $2.05. Nothing itemized to indicate what the charge might be for, but just a "shop charge". It just so happened that there were several other customers in the lobby, so I decided to raise some hell.
    I asked the clerk what the charge was for and he said it is a standard charge for all services. I looked around the room and said to him, "I don't see a sign indicating that there is a shop charge fee."
    He simply replied that they charge everyone that fee. Well, I had an audience so I took the opportunity to turn around to the others in the lobby and proclaim, "Is this fee fair? Or is it just another way corporate America rips off the people. I came over here to get my oil changed for $17.99 plus tax, foregoing a trip to my usual place, which charges $21.99 and rotates my tires for free. I mean, I was going to rotate my tires myself to save a few bucks, but instead, I get cheated."
    About that time, a lady stood up and said, "Am I being charged a shop fee too? I have the same coupon?"
    The clerk nodded his head yes.
    The lady said, "Well, you can just give me my keys then. I'll go elsewhere."
    As he was getting her keys, another many stood up and waited for the clerk to return and he too asked for his keys.
    I left feeling like I got my money's worth. I cost Pep Boys two customers.
    People, don't let businesses nickel and dime you to death. Stand up for your rights.
    And don't go to Pep Boys!

  • St
      20th of Jun, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I had the same thing happen to me plus they tried to add additional work. I had dropped my caroff for front end brake work(pads and new rotors) they quoted me $311 plus tax. When I went to pay they charged me 24.95 shop charge which they never mentioned. They explained that all stores do it, never in my life did I ever see a charge like this from STS or Midias. What ever the quote was it what was charged,
    In addition the service rep commeted that I need rear brakes and rotors ASAP the pad are down to the medal. The next day I drop the car off at midias for a rear brake inspection, there remarks were the pad are at 60% used and the rotors were fine. So PEP BOYS was looking to charge me $189 for work I did not need
    In short I would never go back to them, nor would I recommand them to anyone

  • Do
      16th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I also took my car for a Strut replacement. They quoted me a price of $343.00 for one side. When I went to pick up the car they had added a $35.00 shop fee. I realize a company needs to make money but incorporate the extra charges into the repair. Pep Boys will make the extra and the customer will be satisfied. I hope someone at Peps Boys Corporate will read this.

  • Ke
      24th of Oct, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I'm pretty sure that my first business with these boys, is my last. They charged me $35.00 "Misc shop fees" for replacing and alternator. When asked about the Misc supplies, the response was that it was "just things...I can not exactly tell you what..." They didn't back-up my system with a keep-alive battery, thereby rendering all computers(radios nav, etc. useless). Now they are telling me that they have to get a special computer into their office to resolve those problems...another 5 days. What a bunch of [censor] and incompetents. ... Never again!

  • Hi
      31st of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    It is a hidden charge, added after the service is complete. No where is the customer informed about the shop fee charge. We went in for a 3 year alignment and with that comes a $20 coupon. After signing the key pad and receiving the paperwork I noticed a $13.50 shop fee charge.

    In addition, the 3 year alignment warranty is 3 years/36k.
    The tech wrote 109, 000 and our vehcile has 129, 000 miles which means I only had 16k left the minute the alignment. The staff acted like it was very complicated to correct the mileage.

    This particular location needs to be investigated with an undercover team and exposed.

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