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Be very careful when parking your car in the Pep Boys, BJ's - Shoprite parking lot at Metro Plaza Jersey City. If you leave the Parking lot to go to the Mall your car is towed at a cost of $162.00 including taxi. It is taken miles away where you are them strong armed by a scavanger EZ Towing Co.

It so happens I left the Mall but my son and daughter remained in BJ's. Signs are posted but they are ambiguous. EZ Towing photographs you as you leave them steals your car.It is ashamed Pep Boys, Bj"s -Shoprite knowing of this policy doesn't warn its customers.

The EZ Towing Co forced me to pay cash and the low life's that they are mistreated me. Help me to put a stop to this practice. The Landlord is G & S Investors in NYC- call them.

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  • Ar
      Mar 05, 2009

    I had the same thing happened when I Shopped at Target.
    I will never shop at Target again! They work together even though Target denies it!!! No more shopping at Jersey City Target for me.

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  • Ma
      Jul 06, 2009

    EZ towing towed away my car from White Castle on Newark Ave and JFK blvd while I was eating at the fast food chain. They made me pay $ 140 and made me pay cash. The EZ towing truck with number 201-963-8260 (license Plate XR-800G) even damaged my bumper. When I called the cops they refused to cite the damage and actually forced me to pay the towing company. The cops in Jersey City, store employees and EZ towing company are in together on this. They will not give you receipt unless you ask them many many times and may only fax it to you.
    Same thing with Danny's Towing on 8th Street. My brother's car also got towed from outside BJ's on independence day weekend. They charge $30 per day.

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  • L1
      May 18, 2017

    @ManiAmerica They made us pay $200 as my husband was desperate to retrieve the car. I was heavily pregnant! No receipt given and demanded cash very rudely even when he could clearly see me. It was really a hot summer day and my husband had to leave me standing by the road side on a corner side street and then go with him to cash point to get cash to pay him and retrieve our car from his towing vehicle. After getting cash that idiot dropped our car facing opposite direction on a one way road!!

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  • Jo
      Dec 11, 2010

    why would you park somewhere and then go some place else. you deserve to be towed. where is your common sense? you park wherever you shop. its that easy. my god.

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  • Jo
      Mar 16, 2016

    Same happen to me at White Castle
    EZ Towing pulled behind my car 3 minutes after I left the restaurant. They miscalculated; I walked away from the car but I didn't leave
    the parking lot. I have receipts, pictures, and videos. I will take them to court.
    I already reported them to Dept of Consumer Affairs, and will file with Police.
    Tow truck driver told me "his boss is a rich guy, I can't fight him". I wouldn't be surprised if some cops are on his
    payroll, but this is still America, and there is a rule of law.
    PS We shall see how the judge rules, will keep you posted

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