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RE: Account Number [protected] Invoice Number [protected]

People PC Inc. *40415 *10962 $7.99 08/30/2007 6VXD1-QLPZK Paid

Check #99xx71 from your *xxxxx account was mailed to People PC Inc. on 08/27/2007. Funds for this payment will be withdrawn from your account when the biller cashes the check.

If you have a question about this payment, you can send us a payment inquiry .

9/7/2007 WAL-MART 7 ECA/PURCHASE Check Number: 8452 RICH TX $14.00 $1,711.01

9/6/2007 CHECK 99xx71 $7.99 $1,725.01

9/5/2007 CHECK 8439 $30.00 $1,733.00

The above shows where I issued through my bank an electronic payment and then where your company deposited the same, which was for the September to 15 October 2007 period.

On 09/27/2007 I called your CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT, and advised them that when I had reached the last of the month and it was used up that I wished to drop your Service. The CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT advised that on the 18th of October the service would be terminated and I agreed that would be fine. Your company sent me a Customer Survey and I explained that I had decent service for a Dial Up but was going Fiber Optic with Verizon.

On the first of October I received a bill from People PC, which I ignored because I was not going to continue and had informed your CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT of this.

On the 15th of October your Company pulled the plug on my connection which was as expected.

On the 29th of October I received a bill for the months of October and November, which I obviously can't use because the service had been previously turned off at my request.

On the 29th of October 2007 I called your CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT and talked to Kris (Obviously of foreign descent) and was informed that I owed for September and October and would I like to pay him by credit card so the service could be continued instead of SUSPENDED.

Talking to this person obviously was a waste of time so I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was passed to another person (obviously also of foreign descent), who operated on the same principle that I should pay the bill so the service would not be SUSPENDED including the November portion that I have no way of using, as I HAD IT TURNED OFF MYSELF.

This lady assured me that this was all straightened out and said the magic words No Problem.

Now here in Texas when some person of another race says that to us we know that they don't have a clue. Need I tell you that at this point I am far from pleased with your OUTSOURCED CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT?


1. On 27 August 2007 I paid the September to October balance. (See Copy of Coupon)

2. On 6 September 2007 Check 99xx71 was paid to your company for Service from September to October 15.

3. On 27 September 2007 I called and advised CUSOTMER SERVICE to close my account when the payment had expired and was told this would occur on the 18th of October 2007.

4. On 28 September 2007 I received an invoice for October 15 to November 15, 2007 service which I ignored as I was through with the service.

5. On 1 October 2007 I was sent a customer Survey concerning why I was terminating the service, which I filled out and sent back.

6. On 15 October 2007 this account was closed as agreed by your company.

7. On 29 October 2007 I received the attached invoice for October, which had been cancelled and now November.

8. If you can show me where I owe your company money, I will gladly pay, but I have not had access to Peoplepc Service since the 15th of October 2007 and was left with the impression that was the turn off date determined by Your Company. I most certainly do not have any obligation for November to December by any stretch.

I surely hope that this reaches someone who cares enough to solve this problem, because if it doesn't I can see problems in the future for everyone involved.


I just got a dunn phone call from your OUTSOURCED CUSTOMER SERVICE. Be advised that I have already filed a complaint with BBB.11/19/07 9:45AM.

Complaint ID#: [protected]

Business Name: People PC


Dispute Resolution Specialist

Tel: [protected]

Fax: [protected]

elsie AT

Ms. Thomas:

Your office and the Atlanta office can't seem to make up your minds who will be handling this situation. Since you were handed the ball last here is a couple of updates.

On November 19th at 9:20AM I received a call from the PEOPLEPC OUTSOURCE PEOPLE in Indonesia or India. This man tried to convince me that I owed them some $25.00 for service that I have not gotten and canceled. He quite obviously does not understand that I am through with this company as he informed me that he was suspending my service untill the outstanding was paid and that I had gotten a free month service, which I had not. I am not sure where he came up with that. As the conversation was only going where it was a waste of my time I excused myself and hung up after he told me that this could be turned over to Collections.

On November 26th at 1:50PM I received a call from the PEOPLEPC OUTSOURCE PEOPLE in some foreign land. This man told me that he had my letter that I had written and that it showed that at the end of October I had called and cancelled the service and that because they closed and billed on the 20th of the Month from the 20th of September till the 20th of October I owed $12.50 for that month and that I also owed for the next month because I had not called till the 29th of October I owed till the 20th of November for another $12.50. I explained to this person that I had called and cancelled on the 27th of September and he asked if I had a confirmation number, which I had not. However I told him that I had been sent a email survey which I had filled out about their service and why I was leaving and I told this one that I had left to go to Verizon FIOS which had just came to my neighborhood. He then informed me that I had been signed up for a year contract and had received a months free service, which he was immediately informed that I had not and did not and had no need for this service and that I had no intention of paying for something I had not received. He wanted to go back over the same trash again and I informed him that if he believed that I owed them something that the most it could be was for prorated 7 days from the 20th till the 27th of September. He was then informed that I was through discussing this with him and he said I will have to send this to Collection and I told him to please do so.

Fact: On the 27th of September just before getting the next months bill I called and talked to a person who told me that it was fine and they would close the service to me on the 18th of October. (They Actually Closed on the 15th of October)

Fact: On the 29th of September I got a bill for the month of October which I had cancelled so I did not pay it. (During this time period I received by email a request for a closing survey to see why I had left, which I filled out and returned)

Fact: I have never contracted with peoplepc for any free month service or annual contract. My contract was with Everyone's Internet who closed their Dial Up Service and moved us to peoplepc.

Fact: I checked the Dial Up service daily to be sure it had been terminated.

Fact: These fools are trying to collect from me for a service I cancelled and they turned off and think I am still using and can not access.

Quite frankly Ms. Thomas I am dealing with a third world mentality and people who obviously don't know what is happening. Please help me.

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      21st of Jan, 2008

    Peoplepc Jan 20th/08

    Ive called and emailed to cancel my membership because you did not offer a faster service in my area, anmd another company did . I spoke with several agents there on the phone, and although I was told my acount would be cancelled for Jan 28th , 2008, I was repeatedly transferred to another until the 5th or six person, (who was supposed to be the person that would take care of it, I was told that my account had not been cancelled as Id requested,

    Due to the ignorance of numerous reps there, I will not be billed for any future ervice past that date, and will keep a copy of thtis to send to the Atty generals office, should I need to have that office step in.

    I also did not recieve a reply to an arlier email Id sent on this last week.

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