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PeoplePC / Poor customer service!

1 NE, United States

Please do not use PeoplePC unless you are willing to make a lifelong commitment to use their service until the day that you die (and even then, your grieving family members might then be saddled with an inefficient, slow internet service forever and ever, amen).
I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with a "customer service" representative (and I use that term loosely) trying to convince them FOR THE SECOND TIME that I no longer wish to use or pay for their internet service. I had called in October to cancel, and apparently, their "customer service" representative told me that he was cancelling my service, but in actuality took it upon himself at that time to give me a "promotional service, " so I have been billed in December and January for service I stopped using in October.
In October, I initially asked for them to cancel my service because I am trying to cut costs, and I just don't really need internet service (especially if it doesn't always work and is always extremely slow) at home. The representative was very nosy, asking why I was getting my service shut off. I explained that I didn't see why they should care but that I was trying to cut costs. The representative then tried to convince me to stay, so I said that I was also having my phone service shut off (which I had every intention of doing), so what good would dial-up internet service do? He was forced to agree and then said that he would cancel my service and to have a nice day.
I finally got around to really looking through my credit card statement today and noticed that PeoplePC showed up on there twice since October - once in December and once in January. I called and was very polite to begin with, explaining that I had already called to cancel so why was I still being charged? The man I spoke with was also very nosy asking why I had cancelled my service. I said, "I honestly don't see what business that is of yours, but I don't have a computer anymore, " which is true. He then said, very smugly (it seemed to me), "Well, when you called in October, you said it was because you don't have phone service anymore, so which is it?" I said, "Again, why does it matter why I had it switched off?...I don't have a computer anymore, and I had intended to shut off my phone service. Why do you care?" He asked, "Do you have a computer now?" I refused to answer that question, saying, "That is none of your business. I want to have my internet service shut off; I wanted that done in October."
I had to speak with a supervisor to get a credit for the two months I was billed for service I could not have known I even had, much less been able to use. I had to go through the same conversation with her as I had with the previous representative.
All in all, the ordeal was more trouble than the internet service was worth for the year that I had it.


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