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We were using peoplepc at our office but finally got wireless. Thus started the almost eternal struggle to get the peoplepc cancelled.

We have cancelled in October, then they charged in November, called in November then charged again in December, called in December and now charged again in January. These people are almost impossible to reach and have NO CLUE what customer service is. Every time and I do mean every time you call to cancel, you immediately get a recording that says that they are experiencing high call volume and to call again another time. The only way around that is to call for technical support and then ask them to transfer you. Once transferred, be prepared to wait and wait and wait and wait.

They have NO phone numbers published anywhere that you can contact customer service resolutions, no contact information on the website, no e-mail address to write to, the only information you can get is to sign up or call the 800 number and be put on eternal hold.

After 42 minutes, I was transferred to the Escalation Department. Another marathon of being on hold. Sounds like a lawsuit coming out of this just like with AOL customers!!!

After being on hold now for 69 minutes, I am dedicated to stay on line until someone answers.


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  • Co
      26th of Mar, 2007
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    I had service with my local ISP for several years, then they went under and sold everything to People PC, including all of the servers and equipment. So, I had no choice but to accept them as my new ISP. I was only with them for a couple of months, and what I've read about the other complaints are true; They don't want you to go as a customer, and they're willing to resort to hard selling, bribery, guilt tripping, and other trickery to keep you.

    I was offered everything from 3 free months to a $3.95 deal to keep my email address, with NO service at all.

    Umm, yeah. So, the key is to ask the correct questions, and make the correct statements.

    Ask them- "Will I still have to call back at the end of my retention inspired free trial period?"

    State to the person on the phone- "I do not wish to do any more business with People PC or any of it's affiliates anymore, ever again. DO NOT charge my card anymore".

    I can't say it will work everyone, but it worked for me, so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

    It's shameful to rip off old disabled women, we don't deserve it.

  • Ch
      10th of Sep, 2007
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    I've cancelled my service 5 times in a row now! I just got off the phone with a rep, in between trying to make convesation about their sevice. I told him that I am so darn pissed off right now that I just needed him to sit in silence until the refund processed to keep me from saying anything bad to him. Now I'm out $80.00 from my account. I need to change my bank information in order for them to stop this crap. What an inconvenience, I shouldn't have to do this!

  • Ja
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    I signed up for a 30-day free trial of PeoplePC back in November. I had gotten points through a reward program for signing up. I never once even installed it on my computer. I have internet through my cable company.

    So I canceled after 3 days. I was told that everything was canceled and I would no longer be billed. So 4 months go by and my credit card had been compromised and was canceled. A few days later I get a call from PeoplePc telling me that my monthly fee could not be processed. so I called them and they tell me that when I had never canceled their service. Apparently, I had been billed every month, unknowingly. I told them that I had canceled after only a few days during my free trial and that I wanted the account closed.

    PeoplePC refused to close the account until I paid them the balance on the account due to my card being declined. I continued to explain to them that I have never even used their services and that I had been fraudulently billed for the past 4 months. So that call got me nowhere.

    So every day, their billing department calls about 5 times a day to collect the balance on the account. I have spoken with 14 reps and 5 supervisors. All of which have claimed they could not help me. They claim that they cannot close an account that has a balance on it.

    So the harassing calls keep coming every day. Eventually I had enough. I typed out a nice letter to the California State Attorney General. I made one last attempt and called them to rectify the issue. I got some Indian guy on the phone named Bob (yeah... ok). Bob connected me with a supervisor. I explained to the supervisor the situation and informed him that if the matter could not be addressed while I was on the phone that I would be mailing my letter out to the California State Attorney General in the morning. I then proceeded to read my letter to him to let him know that I wasn't just bs'ing. Amazingly enough, he was able to go right in and zero out the balance on the account and close it. So you would think that would be the end of it, right?

    WRONG!!! Every day I am still getting at least 3-5 calls per day from their billing department. When I ask why they are calling, they start to say "There is a balance on your account dollars." I then proceed to tell them to stop calling me or I will file a harassment suit. I have spoken with several reps and several supervisors SINCE my account has been closed (again) and NOBODY can tell me why I am continuallt being called. So today again (at 8am) they are calling me again.

    So I am writing this complaint to warn everyone to STAY AWAY from PeoplePC. It is a horrible company. I will be sending out my letter to the California State Attorney General's office later today, as well as filing a complaint with the BBB. Not that the BBB really does anything. If you have similar issues with PeoplePC, I recommend contacting the Attorney General in their state. If they receive enough complaints, they will go after them. The BBB really can't do much other than send them a letter telling them they have a complaint. So the BBB is pretty useless in my opinion.

  • Wv
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    I'm out $37.07 because the brilliant people who run PeoplePC decided to keep charging my EXPIRED credit card for 4 months rather than canceling my account after it didn't go through the first time. THEN, to make matters worse, I did not receive any letters or anything from PeoplePC saying that I had an outstanding balance, instead it was turned over to a collections agency! WHAT?! Come on, first you're dumb enough to charge an expired card 4 months, then when YOU fail to inform me I have a balace (again, because of your own stupidity) you turn me over to a collections agency?! I was furious! Then the lady I talked to on the phone kept saying "didn't you read the agreement?" UGH! I was so disguested. At least I got out of her that my account was now canceled and I won't be getting any more charges. What a joke! Could they not tell that there was NO activity on my account. What company allows your account to stay open after the charges do not go through? Oh, yeah... PeoplePC does just so they can make money off of you. NEVER NEVER NEVER use PeoplePC!

  • Ag
      5th of Jul, 2010
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    In July of 2009, I pre-paid for a year's worth of email account service. In June of 2010, I received an email stating my service was coming due so I called and canceled my account because I no longer need the email account. On June 30, 2010, I received a phone call from People PC stating that I had a bill of $4.05 that I needed to pay. Come to find out, because I did not wait until my pre-paid service was expired, I was being charged for the month and they supposedly reimbursed for the service I didn't use. I checked my bank account and did not receive any reimbursement. They called me daily to harass me for the money but I refused to pay it. I even spoke to the manager about it but they insisted I owed the money. Finally, I pulled up my bank information and found the exact date I paid for my service then called them back. At that point they were claiming that my year subscription didn't start until July 28, 2009. I then calmly stated that they pulled my payment out on July 4, 2009 for the year subscription, then in June I received an email stating that my subscription was due which I then called to cancel because I no longer wanted it, and finally when I did call and cancel that I was not informed that I would be reimbursed for service I didn't use and that I would owe money for the month. Only when I came across as more informed with dates and such were they willing to remove the balance from my account. Hopefully, I don't have any more issues but I went ahead and reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. I suggest everybody do this so that the FTC receives enough complaints to take criminal action. It may not resolve your direct situation but it will help others down the line. Upon further research, I discovered that the FTC already has forced People PC to pay $100, 000 for the product delivery service ( so they are already familiar with this company's questionable business practices. Now it's our duty to continue informing the FTC about the scandalous business practices that People PC is still using. Who knows, they may force the company to close or something.

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