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Penske Truck Rental / worst experience ever!

1 United States

My husband and I rented two 26' trucks and a car carrier to make a cross country trip from Phoenix, AZ to Alabama. My brother-in-law drove one truck, my husband drove the other. My two small kids and I followed behind in my SUV. The trip went well until the truck my husband was driving broke down in the middle of the Texas desert...the kids and I went ahead, leaving my brother-in-law and hubby waiting for the tow truck on the side of the road.

2 hours later the tow truck came.

After 2 hours in the shop, it was determined that the truck was not fixable and they would have to have another 26' truck delivered and all items moved from one truck to another.

Penske agent "promised" me that we would be taken care of and that "professional" movers would do the moving from one truck to another.

4 hours later, hubby calls me to inform me that the Penske delivery guy said he wouldn't help move a thing, Penske had asked the MECHANICS at the shop to move the items! Hubby also informs me that the idiot mechanics also DROPPED my front loading washing machine, denting it all to hell...and THEN they let the 50" projection TV SLIDE down the ramp, running into a bunch of other items, damaging the screen! They also scratched our coffee table, but that was the least of my worries as the other items are very expensive to repair/replace. Called Penske, again, they promised they would take care of us and we would "just need to fill out a form" when we dropped the trucks off.

Fast forward 3 weeks...Penske sends claims adjuster to look at the damaged items.

Fast forward another week...Company in charge of reimbursing for claims calls me and tells me that they will only pay $125 to fix the table because the repair shop claims that they didn't touch the tv or washer...they LIED and said my hubby and brother in law moved those items when they weren't even on the truck with the items were moved. Now we are out $1300 for the washing machine and $1500 to replace the 50" projection tv that THEY broke!!!

This is the most backwards company I've ever used...the customer is NOT always right, as they are choosing to believe 4 mechanics from a podunk town outside of El Paso, Texas instead of us to save some dough! I have moved 6 times in the past 4 years for my can BET that I will never use Penske again and will make sure all of my friends, family and colleagues don't as well!! STAY AWAY FROM PENSKE!!!

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