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Penske Honda - Ontario, California / honda grossly lied about mileage

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Lies, lies, & you guessed it...more lies and all from Honda & it's ad campaign claiming 49/50 MPG on their touted 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. We fell for the sales pitch & hype when we plunked down $27,000 in April '06 for our new Honda Civic Hybrid. Turning out to be Truly a bad move, as we have never seen anything over 34 MPG & it's currently 32 MPG. A far cry from their deceitful and misleading claims. After confronting our Dealership (Penske Honda with this information, one of their staff (an obvious trouble shooter) produced a PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC SHEET ( The Monroney Lable) stating how they arrived at those terrific sounding 49/50 numbers. It basicly stated the car was tested under "LAB CONDITIONS" not in the real world, like the one we live in. Yes, they forgot to mention a few things when we bought the car: In order To get that great mileage advertised..DON'T USE the Air Conditioning, Heater, Radio, GPS, or any other appliances for that matter, no Passengers or Baggage & drive 48 mph with the windows closed. Oh yes,make sure you check all four tires for the correct PSI. Ohter than that you're good to go. For Shame, Honda, that's all the American public needs right now is more DECIET, Half TRUTHS and Out Right LIES. And Mr. Penske How could you endorse and lend your famous name to this Transgression...
The Following (given to us after we complained) Is, word for word, the "PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC SHEET:
Customer's concern: My car doesn't get the same fuel mileage as the figures on the label I took off the car and what I see in the ads for my year & model.
What's happing & why: The "Monroney label" on the side window of new cars shows figures acheived under special driving conditions. The fuel mileage estimates are for comparison shopping purposes only, and the city & highway miles per gallon (MPG) that you experience may vary from those shown on the label & in advertising. The mileage estimates on the label reflect the average MPG attained by similar vehicles in a model line under controlled laboratory conditions and are not the result of an actual road test. Test vehicles are run by professionsl drivers on a treadmill-like device that measures exhaust emissions and fuel usage. During the test, the vehicles headlights, air conditioning, heater, audio unit, and all accessories are turned off.. The city portion of the test, at an average speed of 20 miles per hr. simulates a 7.5 mile stop & go trip that includes idling time to approximate rush hour traffic delays. The Highway portion, at an average speed of 48 mph, simulates a 10 mile rural & interstate drive without idling time. To make the final fuel economy estimates closer to expected real-world fuel consumption, the results of the City mpg are lowered 10% and the Highway mpg results are lowered 22%....What Can Be Done: As the label says, your "actual mileage will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits, & vehicle's condition" So you can do some beneficial things to increase the mpg of your vehicle....*Keep tires inflated to the specifications listed on the doorjamb sticker.*As often as possible accelerate slowly & smoothly, depending on traffic conditions, try to maintain a constant speed, & use cruise control when possible. *Keep your vehicle in top condition by following the maintenance schedule listed in your owner's manual & by using the recommended engine oil." END OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC SHEET.
For those interested in a SERIOUS LEGAL ACTION SUIT please contact me at

  •'s Response, Dec 21, 2018

    Please find out why Fedex did not deliver. Will we see checks today ?
    I’m a lto and work 7-7. No time for bank befor or after Christmas.
    I need my check today

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  • Er
      25th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Dude, you should have done some research! Car's MPG before 2008 was based on the frame by itself, no body. When you include the body and everything else, it significantly brings down the MPG, but they did not have to use that number, just the one without the body...51MPG. All cars built 2008 and later now have to use the entire car to base the MPG on. I have a 2009 Corolla, basic model, and I get 34MPG. Its awesome. The good thing is that Honda's dont lose their value like most cars, so you shouldn't have a problem trading it in.

  • Sa
      21st of Aug, 2018
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    Penske Corporation - bought truck.. very bad experience and the worse truck they have for sale

    Please don't buy truck from Penske company! I spend $7000 after I bout truck from penske . They are big theft plz dont lesson to them..

  • Sk
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Penske Used Trucks - mailbox
    United States

    Hi one of your penske trucks destrpyed my mailbox an just kept driving when i tried to stop them, an they knew they ran it over. But i have the tag number name an phone number.

  • Ma
      5th of Jan, 2019
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    Penske Corporation - Chesterfield Michigan
    Chesterfield Mich
    United States

    It's 11:56 a.m and checks are not here . I'm off as others waiting, working 6 days next two weeks. I'll go direct deposit, however need my check now to go to the bank.
    Please reply to:

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