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You walk into a Pella showroom and their windows/doors look beautiful. We spent over $40, 000.00 in Pella Windows and Doors and can tell you from experience that they are not worth the money. We bought double hung windows/sliding glass doors/french outswing doors and fiberglass doors for a new construction home. First of all, if you have your contractor install their product, immediately they want to blame your installer. DO NOT BUY their Fiberglass doors. They come from the factory in less than satisfactory condition. We had a door replaced 3 times and they all had the same bad paint job (paint flakes). We've had this door for a year now and it has already faded badly. Before we bought the door, they claimed the great thing about this product is that it doesn't fade from the sun! LIE! We ordered a set of windows for our Dining Room and the same exact set of windows for our Living Room that our Contractor was going to install. When the windows arrived, they forgot to mull them together into one big window. Pella ended up having to come to the site to mull them together and install them. Pella can't blame our Contractor because Pella installed these windows and they did a terrible job. We've had leaking and moisture problems and eventually had to hire our own people to correct the problems. BEWARE OF PELLA PRODUCTS...THEY TELL YOU WONDERFUL THINGS IN THE SHOWROOM BUT THEY DO NOT BACK UP THEIR PRODUCT. PELLA QUALITY CONTROL AND THEIR SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES ARE THE WORST. I will never again buy or recommend any of their products.


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      Nov 21, 2009

    We also purchased Pella, to the tune of 53 Archict windows in September 2009 . We agree 100%. We recomend that people stay far away from Pella. We wish we could get together personally on line to communicate with others like us. We want to know if anyone else would like to join in a law suit. We can be reaches at [protected] We live in Iowa.

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      Jul 01, 2010

    I'm sad to say that I've experienced many of the same problems with my Pella Architect Series Windows and Doors, including cladding problems, seal failure, spotting on the glass, rotting wood among other issues. These Pella windows and doors were installed throughout my house in 1995. Problems with the windows began less than 10 years after installation. Pella refuses to acknowledge these claims. On my website,, you can see photos detailing the defects with my Pella windows and doors.

    I've very interested in hearing other people's similar experiences with Pella. If you have had these problems with Pella, please go to my website, and tell me your similar experience so that we may educate consumers. Thanks for your time! -A. Bailey

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      Sep 26, 2012

    As we all know if Pella were providing quality customer service for their shifty product there would be no negative postings on the web. We have also found out, by purchasing 49 Pella Architect Series Double Hung windows, that Pella does not stand behind their products. We are now working out our differences in a court of law. As many of you may know, once you have been taken by a company, at least in Iowa, we only had 2 years to file with the court for help. We gave Pella the benefit of the doubt and nearly 2 years to fix our windows. They refused to even attempt to provide any communication unless we called every day or emailed every day. We then figured out that Pella was only "playing us" to run out their 2 year time frame. So here we sit, waiting on the Iowa Court System to play out. Our trial is set for Marion County Court, Iowa on February 12, 2013. This has been a long time coming, as we have been homeless since the fall of 2009 when we installed our Pella windows into our home. They leak water/snow so badly that we have an extremely awful mold problem when it is wet. You can see the videos that are posted on YouTube of our home under Pella Window Problems. We posted these so that other home owners could see the potential windows that they might be thinking of putting into their homes. We want to educate the population on our problems. Please do your homework!

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      May 21, 2013

    I have about 30 Pella casement windows + French doors - the architect series that were almost new when I purchased my house in 2001. I'm sure they cost a bundle. I have had numerous issue - including the factory applied paint/finish that was inferior. A good number of the windows have needed mechanical repair - and the parts are not cheap. Usually $50+ per window for replacing the cheap nylon sliders, latches, hinges - whatever happens to go - not to mention typically having to take the casement window out and re- glue the corner joints, re align the windows, etc. These windows are at 15 years old now and may be a stretch to get another 10 years out of them. Come on - can we expect at least the hardware to be rated for greater than 20 years. The factory service here is almost non responsive - have to get parts from ebay.

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