PECO EnergyWorst service ever

I am a land lord and PECO energy came to my duplex to inspect a complaint on the bottom floor that the electric was too high. I saw the inspector arrive but I had to leave. Before I left I was told PECO would contact me if there was any issues . A couple days later the bottom tennant's girl friend told me one light bulb on the first floor was on the seconds electric. PECO never contacted me but 2years 3 months later gave me a $7000. electric bill. Although I am a current customer for my own residence they could not find me. After much research I found out that they put the entire top floor electric in my name but never contacted me. This was all due to one light bulb.

It seem PECO can do whatever they want. They were sending the mail to the incorrect addess and they will not take any part of the bill. I filed an informal complaint with PUC but so far I haven't gotten anywhere. Peco has only given me one bill in May of 2008 and has refuse to answer my certified letters to what their position is.

How could they not find me when I was current customer of theirs.


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