Peachford Hospitalabuse and neglect

My father was voluntarily admitted 1013 he is manic depressant schizophrenia . He has had several episodes in his life time and admitted to places such as Laurel wood and formerly known GMHI . This recent admission at peachford Hospital 11/2014 was the worse experience for my father and my family. So called Dr.Dutta was very rude and hateful . My father has had adverse reactions to a medication Halidol which is given intramuscular injection . When we found out that this so called Dr Dutta was prescribing this to my father which was causing him to have violent outburst I called him with concern.. His comment to me was and quote " who in the hell told you this ### about Halidol !!! I was shocked and told him he would not speak to me like that!! He was very rude and from the previous reviews I had read on this facility made me fear I had made matters worse for my father and it did with in minutes after Dutta told me he was to busy to speak with me any further my father was calling upset saying they where no longer going to give him his medication... Not to mention my father ALS has heart issues and other health factors that he needed medications for . Luckily Dutta had to all the sudden leave the country thank god and my father was appointed another physician . The staff is rude and unhelpful and the reviews are true !! The bathrooms are locked you have to get a staff to unlock them to go use the restroom meaning whenever they felt like it. They do shine a flash light in your face every 30 minutes while you are trying to sleep . It's true patients are given shots of whatever mysterious drug and so sedated they can not function. My father did say the staff was rude and hateful and would push patients buttons to get a reaction. This place is horrible every horrible thing you read is true . Then they discharged my father to a unknown group home when he was accepted into a nursing home without notifying us. We had to find our father and luckily the bed was still available and the nursing home helped us fight to get him to the right location. Stay the hell away from peachford they need to be investigated . Can any one tell me where and how to go about filing a complaint . Dr.Dutta should not be practicing . Peachford needs to be rebuilt . There needs to be help and fair treatment for the mentally ill.

Jan 15, 2015

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