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PC Richard & Son / beko refrigerator

1 Brentwood, MD, United States Review updated:

I bought a beko refrigerator from PC Richard and son in deer park New York about one year ago. My refrigerator broke down almost 2 months ago At which point I called the deer park store where I bought this to let them know. I had also bought an extended warranty for 10 years on my fridge motor. Someone from their store advised me that the soonest appointment they had would be in about 2 weeks which I was not happy about but I had no choice But to wait. I had to toss all my food with having 5 kids its extremely extremely hard not to have a working fridge and freezer. 2 weeks later past by, the day that they were supposed to come out past I called the very next day only to be told who ever I spoke to never put the appointment in. At this point I was extremely infuriated But again I had no choice but to make another appointment which was another week out. Technician showed up spoke to someone in my house as I was not home he told them he needed to order parts bc the motor isnt working and he will be back the next week. A weekly later no one ever came I call to find out what's going on. I was told that they were not coming back out because the technician noted that I had a pest problem And in order for them to come back out I needed to show a report from a pest control company that the issue was resolved. Just to note I have absolutely no pest problem at all so this was a blatant lie I ask for pictures of the problem they said they would call me back since they claim they take pictures of everything and I asked why didnt the tech say anything to anyone in the house at the time I even Told them that the very next day that technician called me as he said he needed to come back to take another picture of the serial number because the pictures that he took or not clear. Again I personally spoke to the technician and seen him face-to-face when he came back he explain to me about him needing to order parts and coming back the next week never once did he ever mention anything else. Someone finally called me back the next day to let me know that they are now going to order parts and send a technician back remember this is a week later after the tech came out they are now ordering parts They gave me a date of 10/15/18 that parts were going to come in and they were going to come right out. October 15 came and passed not a single phone call guess I call back they said parts did not come in they are expecting it on the 19th they will be out on that day. October 19th came and past by no call still from anyone. Today is October 23rd 2018 still Not a single call from anyone I called the service department to ask dam yet again what was going on only to be told that day would give me a call back. It's going on 2 months later I paid close to $2000 for my refrigerator this is the absolute worse service in my entire life I have received from anyone this will be the last time I ever shop at PC richard and Son which is a shame I shop there all the time I will let everyone I know never to go to pc Richards and I will take this to social media to let everyone know how they treat their customers. Maybe post will help them improve their customer service. 5 kids single parent no refrigerator or freezer in nearly 2 months. My next day off is not until next Monday I will be going out today and purchasing a new refrigerator I just will have to take them to small claims court because I have given a reasonable amount of time to get my refrigerator fix. I have all my call logs to prove how long I have been following them over and over trying to get this issue resolved for 2 months at this point I cannot wait any longer.

  • Updated by Toddy Maharaj, Oct 23, 2018

    I Received a returned call today after I called earlier in the morning. They advise me I have to wait another week for the parts to come in. 10/31/18 2 months after my original call. This is the third time the date of when the parts were supposed to come in changed. This is absolutely Ridiculous.

  • PC Richard & Son Customer Care's Response, Oct 24, 2018

    I apologize about any inconvenience. If you can please send me an email directly at with your invoice number or phone number, so that I maybe able to look into this issue for you.

  • Updated by Toddy Maharaj, Oct 31, 2018

    I emailed Kevin since October 24th haven't heard back from him. Today is November 1st no call yesterday about parts coming in. This is absolutely ridiculous I guess I will have to call tomorrow yet again to find out when parts are coming in.

  • Updated by Toddy Maharaj, Nov 01, 2018

    Finally got in touch with someone found out parts came in but they can not come out until November 8th as this is there earliest appointment. My first call to them according to my phone records was September 5th 2018. Over 2 months, does anyone think this is a reasonable amount of this to wait.

Oct 22, 2018
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  • Pa
      9th of Nov, 2018
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    WOW - I've had mine less than 4 months with two service calls and they haven't been able to fix it. I don't know if this is Beko or its technicians but I will NEVER buy another one again if they can't fix this.
    -Pat N.

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