PayPower Visa Travel Card / ATM Withdrawals

Pawling, NY, United States
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This card was recommended to me, as my daughter was traveling out of the Country on a Winter Intersession from College to Chile. There was ample funding on the card and over the weekend, she tried to withdraw cash in local currency from several ATMs and was denied. She was able to withdraw earlier in her trip but for some unknown reason when she needed more cash about 10 days later, cannot withdraw. I called Paypower multiple times, with little to no help. I called Metabank, who they referred me to and they were absolutely useless, let alone nasty. I called Visa International 9/11 to try to get daughter emergency cash and am dealing with that currently. The idea of having this card is supposed to be ease of use when traveling outside of the Country and PayPower is blaming the ATMs. My daughter walked into a bank after being denied from their ATM and the banker indicated he could not assist her. What is the sense of having this card, paying the outrageous fees it charges and not being able to use it when you need to? Please save yourself the aggravation and do not purchase this card.

Jan 12, 2015

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