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I did my research before signing up for paypal, online and asking friends and reading most of the paypal contract and was feeling fairly confident so i did it. My understanding was a dollar maybe two would be charged to me credit card to complete that part of the processes, thought ok whatever. Than right away i get a message from paypal that says this...(keep in mind i have not made any purchases or sold anything, never used the account at all) " PayPal: Payment not completed. Invalid phone number or email. Include area code and please try again. Example: send 34.99 to [protected]" WTF is this all about? First of all, they sent me an email confirmation prior to this text, which i followed thru on and they sent me this to my phone so obliviously they have my phone number right and most importantly i just gave they have my credit card info... what do you bet they figure it all out and charge my account before they respond to my squibble about the bogus charge. I looked on lie and the exact amount 34.99 has been deducted from other peoples credit wards for without their knowledge and the fees are not being refunded because there is a deadline for reversals of three days. Why didnt i find this out sooner!!! Just wait til my jealous husband finds this on our bill!!
Granted i maybe ### prematurely but this is the kind of ### that happens to people all the time. This is why i try to research before i buy.
Any ideas how to get myself out of this mess before its too late?

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  • Wi
      28th of Jan, 2017

    Its a scam. I just authorized a new phone number for my Paypal Here account and immediately got that same message by text. The phone is set up just fine. Man those scammers don't miss a trick. Damn.

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