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Paypal / paypal locks money on unverified accounts!

1 United States

So, after about 3 years of using Paypal to both send and receive money, I have encountered a huge problem with their service. I sold one of my game accounts and a total of $64 dollars was delivered to my Paypal account. Now, I am unemployed at the moment and chose by decision not to have or maintain a bank account. So, I go to spend this $64 dollars and I am informed that my account has reached its spending limit because the account isn't "Verified". I look into the two possibilities to verify my account. One way is to link a bank account to the account. The second, to apply for some credit card. Tried applying for the card, but was denied, and as I said, I do not have a bank account. I call Paypal support and they tell me those are the only 2 ways of getting my account verified. So now I have $64 dollars in a paypal account that is permanently locked because i cannot verify my account.

I never had any issues before sending/receiving money through Paypal. That is why I chose to use them again for my transaction. Honestly, I just do not think it is right that Paypal can lock somebody out of money that is actually in the account. I could understand if it was a payment that was from a linked bank account, but this money is already in paypal's hands. I am very disappointed, and once I figure out how to get my money back, I will definitely never use Paypal again.

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