Payoneer Incaccount blocked without refund.

I have been using Payoneer to receive payments from my clients. On Jan 1st or 2nd I lost my card. I told the live agent of Payoneer named (Joe) about the card that I have lost and he locked my card for security purpose. Then he said, Can you find the card or else I have to request new one. I said to request the new one because if I could find it I would never contact them to lock my card.

So after new request I waited upto 4 or 5 days and my "Application status was under review". After a week it was still under review so I again contact the live agent and I was connected to one agent who said your application will be reviewed and not to worry because it may take time. I didn't found that helpful so again I started new chat session and I was connected with next agent and he told me my application was missed. So he also told me that approval department has got your application missed message and your application is on "Higher Priority".

I waited for more 1 week and no any email or anything about my application. So I tried to logged in to see my status, and something returned with "Account Blocked".

After that I asked agent about my account blocked, they asked my DOB for verification and closed the chat without any response. I asked again to another same did that agent too and same did the 3rd person.

So here is how I started hating this service now.

If you care that much about your service, your terms, and everything you have mentioned in your license then please before blocking your own clients you should refund the money else you are a scammer who does not follows their own ToS.

Jan 25, 2017

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