Pay Power VisaSates my card has a Fraud hold

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I was a new customer to Pay Power and had my had tax refund sent there. I seen that my Federal refund was alreday in so I went to pay a bill and it said transaction declined. So i double check to make sure that the money was there and it was. I called the [protected] number and spoke to someone and they stated that the reason why I was unable to use my card is there was a HOLD on my Card due to attempted Fraud.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Reno, NV Bow my question is how is that when it is the first time I'm using the card and it's a prepaid? I asked the gentleman what I to do to get the hold off my card? He said I had to speak to someone in the fraud department. So i spoke to a lady that could barley speak any English I had to go through a series of questions. Once I answered them she's said ok you answered them correctly now you have to wait for the level 2 fraud depart ment to call you. I'm like really you didn't say I had to go through different levels to get my money. So, now I'm fighting with these guys to get my thousands of dollars. Im getting the run around, I'm to the point that I'm going to a lawyer involved. Very disappointed

Jan 31, 2015
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  • Ti
      Feb 02, 2015

    Hello! I'm going through the something with this company! I answered all questions correctly and they still didn't remove the block! I'm going to get IRS involved because they can't take or hold our money like that!

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  • Rd
      Mar 12, 2015

    Me and my husband are having same problem with Pay Power. Did either one of you get your money back?

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  • Kp
      Apr 21, 2015

    I am having to same problem with them, except after answering about 10 questions correctly they asked me for the house number of a street I lived on years ago which I could not remember. I told them I would need to call back when I got home cause I had to look through some stuff to find exact address, but I did offer to give city and state of address, I was told NO I could not call back and that I now failed that she is sending my refund back to the IRS! I ashed to speak to manage and she said NO and hung up on me!!
    This happened on 4/8/15, I called back and was told there was nothing I could do and that my refund will be send back to IRS by 4/17/15. its now 4/21/17 and my refund still shows as my available balance if I log on to the account yet I cant access it!
    I cant even get the $20 I opendd the account with and was told that will be sent to IRS as well!
    Did anyone get their money back?

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  • Rd
      May 10, 2015

    It has been almost four months and I have not got my refund from them or the Irs .I call the IRS and they tell me that they have not got any money from paypower and then paypower tells me that they send it to the IRS weeks ago.The IRS has put a trace on my refund, which takes 6 weeks.

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  • Le
      Jan 17, 2016

    I feel your pain! My husband is in Hospice with stage 4 lung cancer and they are holding roughly $450 on their so called Visa cards that I purchased that was needed to buy his feeding tube supplies and now I'm left with trying to find a way to buy his supplies because I'm pretty sure that after speaking with their "manager" I won't be getting a refund. I was told that both myself and my husband were on hold with them for a fraud block too, even though I gave all the correct info again and again. I suspect that they use the "fraud block" as an excuse to hold your funds never to be seen again. I'm filing a complaint with our State Attorney General's office. And I think our grocery store chain ( Giant Eagle) should not promote or carry these cards in their stores because they are promoting the problem. I'm not sure what else to do. I have to let other bills go to get his supplies. Honestly! I don't know how these people sleep at night?! I will let everyone I know to not use them because they are a SCAM! Best of luck to everyone and I hope you get your money back!

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