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So I'm writing this because I'm sick of keeping my mouth shut. I'm not one to complain, Ever. If you are considering going to a good school, I'd consider checking out others schools before going to Paul Mitchell, Cincinnati. They are so disorganized it's unreal. Nothing there is consistent, ever. They care more about leggings and wearing makeup than making their school a better place. After paying 19 thousand dollars, I expected way more. I moved to come to this school and I'm so disappointed. I feel like Phase 2 isn't about being a visionary, it's about kissing butt to the phase 2 Learning Leaders. It has nothing to do with being a visionary at all. It's also just a way to make more money for the school.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cincinnati, OH The space is so limited on the floor that on Saturdays you can't even walk to the washouse so your guest can get shampood. It's a complete war zone. Your likely to get cut or burned, no joke. Some of the learning leaders are middle age teenagers and so catty and rude to students they don't like. It's no wonder there's so many dropouts. To top off the whole experience, I never recieved a graduation date and my certificate came 5 months after I graduated with the wrong month on it!!! I'd say I'm shocked but I'm not really with all the inconsistencies I've experienced there. Also, they don't do waxing or pedicures. Something you'll need to know when you get into the salon life. .. So yeah as much as I love the Paul Mitchell culture and cutting system.. I just wouldn't go to this Paul Mitchell school.

Dec 22, 2014
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      Jul 23, 2015

    Paul Mitchell School, Cincinnati, is a $17, 000 waste of money. I wouldn't send my pet there to be groomed. My grandchild graduates tomorrow night. She colored her mom's hair two days ago and it came out in handfuls. She has learned nothing. Our family has gone to her for coloring, cuts, styling, etc. throughout her time at the school so that she could gain as much experience as possible. After each appt., we have all had to go and have our hair recut and/or recolored by our regular stylists. The problem is the floor supervisors walk the floor, sign off on each student's sheet for the day (sometimes before the cut is done), and say something like, "Great job!". My stylist cannot believe they let me walk out the door with the cuts she's had to fix. She graduated from the same school in 2012. She is excellent. She said every client's head was checked, critiqued if necessary, and recommendations made to correct the situation. Only after everything was right would anyone sign off. Who is running this zoo? It is not the supervisor's fault if they are not trained any better than the students. We should have raised heck from the first bad appointment result but we didn't want to make my grandchild lose no avail, even she knows by now that she doesn't know any more about hair than the day she started and has been crying since half of her mother's hair fell out. I guess we will have some words with the powers that be at the graduation tomorrow night!

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