Parts Geek / fraudulent business practices

Waverly WV, United States

I placed my first order from Partsgeek (brake calipers) early in the morning of the 17th of June. It is now after noon on the 19th and I am still waiting for them to ship. On the same day I placed an order for three other parts from other distributors and one is "out for deliveryctI expect it to be delivered at any moment and the others are in the supply chain. Twenty four hours after I placed this order I placed an order for rotors for the same vehicle from Rock Auto and those parts are currently on a truck winging it's way to me from Houston Texas. I considered canceling the order and placing it with Rock Auto (which is a few bucks cheaper) but their partsgeek web site prohibits canceling orders. There is no telephone number for customer support that can be easily located on the web site. The only number that I could find was on this site. I called my credit card company and requested to cancel the transaction since it has not yet shipped because I figured that they would be more likely to get through to them. After the first 5 minutes, they came back on and said that they were still trying to get through to them and so I told them that I would hold as long as it took. They finally came back on and had a representative on line but before I could talk to him through the credit card company he disconnected. The Credit Card representative put me on hold again about 45 minutes ago and I am currently sitting on hold awaiting some kind of response from parts geek. Hopefully I can cancel this transaction before it gets too far.

Jun 19, 2015

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