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I bought postage online and printed off a label for a parcel. I took the parcel to my local Coop and then 9 days later the recipient contacted me as the parcel had not arrived. When I looked into the matter I was told delivery by Collect+ was attempted twice but no body was in so it was being returned. No missed delivery card was left on either occasion despite it stating on the Collect+ website that delivery would be attempted 3 times with missed delivery cards left offering collection at depot. The only way to contact Parcel2Go is through the online chat procedure I have done this 3 times to try and resolve this issue, the first time I was told i would have to pay again for redelivery and when I said I was not happy with this the chat was shut down, the 2nd time I asked to speak to a manager and was immediately shut down, the 3rd time the operator asked me all sorts of irrelevant questions regarding the delivery and then shut the chat down. The most infuriating parcel delivery experience imaginable, unbelievably poor customer service and I will definitely be giving the company a wide berth in future.

Nov 11, 2018

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