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Please read this and be aware to all internet sellers/distributers

Do not use this company I am a small business and decided to use them for 3 days, after posting 25+ items a third were delivered to the wrong addresses!, if no-one was in the parcels were thrown over the fence or left on the drive.
There is no contact phone number, they responded to my emails at first and after realising the amount of problems, no further contact was made.
Finally all tracking information has been erased!!!
I am now in the process of takin legal action.

Please be warned

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  • Or
      May 10, 2010

    I have had a similar issue with them. At first, assurance of refund and then noting. No responses to emails and I, too, am looking now to the courts as the only route to obtain my money back.

    Pay peanuts - you most definitely get monkeys!

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  • Rg
      May 25, 2010

    Hi Guys

    I have had the same experience. It was delivered badly damaged. I have had to refund customer and parcel monkey don't seem to be dealing with my claim. I am taking legal advice as I am appalled as are many looking at parcel monkey reviews.


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  • Tr
      Jul 22, 2010


    I must the further warnings, these guys are taking the pi**. My parcel was very well packed and delivered with major damage which was unrepairable. Also, do not think that paying extra for insurance covers for your complete item and postage costs either. I shipped an Ebay auction item worth £75, and with shipping/packaging costs/Ebay and PayPal costs the total was worth over £90. Their offer was £46 and I doubt I will see it without court has been months. Offers of a PayPal refund do not happen. I would recommend you DO NOT USE also, like the rest above!! You have been warned!

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  • No
      Nov 12, 2010

    agreed. And City-link will not help you as they claim thier contract is with Parcel Monkey. Poeple should complain to trading Standards about this company and Citilink should disassociate from companies like this. Citi-link et al can be challenged contractually if enough people complain about companies like Parcel Monkey bottom line our consumer money ends up with both companies.

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  • Pm
      Nov 17, 2010

    i have been waiting for 2 days for my parcels to be collected and no one has turned up this as you can imagine is making my buisness look very bad i have been using parcel monkey for about a year but lately the companys services are getting really bad, none of the support staff seem to listen and you cant ring its all done by just emails i would be very wary of them they are cheap but as always you get what you pay for!

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  • El
      Dec 03, 2010

    I am a small Reg Charity for the AIDS orphans In Kwazulu South Africa. My parcel was not collected on the right day then it was held for over three weeks in Johannesburg until I managed to get through to customer services in Johannesburg and after a call where I was extremely upset and angry the package was moved to Richard's Bay. In the meantime an extra £40 was taken from our account as they said the package did not weigh 21kg but over 30 kg which is totally inaccurate. I was then notified that they would only deliver the package to the Township if the receiver on the other side paid another £40. After that over £80 had be paid to Customs. This was a package to help alleviate suffering for the Aids Orphans and an initial quote of £173 ended up costing £300. I received no support from Parcel Monkey here as there is no way of phoning for help and the email system is ineffective. I will NEVER use this courier again or any other now but will stick to smaller packages through Royal Mail which has proved fast and efficient. There is a lot more to this story but I have said enough as this is just another complaint against this courier service and I do not need to add any more.

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  • Lo
      Dec 22, 2010

    ive just sent parcels to my daughter, next day delivery, 6 days later only three have arived but delivery drivers put down his delivered all four parcels when asked where other parcel is driver said lost, then said could be in delivery office somewhere, he was so rude as well, these parcels were wrapped very well and one arrived torn down one side, cannot get through to find out where lost parcel is, will only know the true lost of presents missing on christmas day when presents are opened if i tell her what should be there it will spoil the excitement of opening the surving presents as well. as for this service and city-link who picked it up for monkey-parcel they will have spoilt a lot of christmas;s this year who needs scrouge to spoil christmas when you can pay this delivery service to do it for you

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  • Pa
      Jan 29, 2011

    Thank god i found this link while looking for a cheaper alternative for parcelforce.
    It is true that you get what you pay for.
    I'll be heading to parcelforce on monday with my two 30kg parcels.
    Might be pricey but it will get there, undamaged and on time.

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  • Er
      Feb 02, 2011

    Only used this company twice
    1 - Failed to collect the parcel (gave them the benefit of the doubt)
    2 - Collected but didn't arrive
    No-body tried to contact me to advise
    They can't be contacted by phone
    Extremely difficult to get a reply
    Try - Interparcel, P4D or
    They cost £1.00 more but it's money well spent

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  • Da
      Sep 12, 2011

    I payed £21 for a strimmer to be collected via parcel monkey, the collection company night freight didn't show up on the date (Friday) parcel monkey said they would arrange re collection on the Monday, again a no show, I had had enough by then so I told them I wanted a refund, it's now 7 days later and a few emails later no refund no collection any ideas how I can get my money back ...? I arranged another company parcel2go to deliver it at around the same price who were great and I couldn't fault them, will be using them in future ..

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  • Ka
      Jun 25, 2012

    it all went horribly wrong and when I asked for a refund they say no.
    Disgusting, rubbish, waste of time and money

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  • Ya
      Aug 24, 2012

    I am also posting here, to make a complaint on this company. I weighted my parcel before i send it off to them for delivery and now after the product arrive at the destination they are claiming the weight is more than what i told them it was. so they are charging me £15 extra. I am refusing to pay because to my understanding they are responsible to check what i said before sending it off and i weight it several time at post office to make sure everything is accurate . Now they refuse to give my parcel until i pay the amount. Its really unacceptable service.

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  • Ro
      Dec 28, 2012

    What a disgusting, corrupt service. I say corrupt because it is impossible to believe a SINGLE word these monkeys say. The clue is in the word- these despicable, incompetent idiot rubbishes don't give a monkeys about our parcels. Here's a few clips:
    Monkeys: I do apologise for the delay.I am very saddened to hear that you are having some distress with one of our services. As you are aware, good customer service is imperative in order to maintain the satisfaction of all of our customers.
    I have been reading your comments and can only apologise for the lack of the failed collection. I can rebook your parcel for collection on Monday if this helps?
    Me:Genuinely annoyed now. No collection on Monday as promised, and not a hint of a promise today, either. Not even an apology for leaving me in the dark these past two days. Virtually no assurances or communication from your admin team who are now, it appears, simply ignoring me as the easiest path to walk on. Unlike Friday the 7th when I was at least responded to within a couple of hours, I now find myself in a disgusting situation.
    Monkeys:I am very saddened to hear that you are having some distress with one of our services. As you are aware, good customer service is imperative in order to maintain the satisfaction of all of our customers. I have been reading your comments and can only apologise for the lack of the failed collection. When an order has been processed through our system we do verify with the carrier to make sure a booking has been confirmed. Your order number is under investigation, it does show that it was booked in with the carrier for collection, i have sent an email to my representative within Parcel Force to explain why this collection did not occur, in which i am awaiting a response.
    As soon as i have a response i will be in touch. In the meantime i have rebooked your order for tomorrow, i know this is not ideal.
    Please print out a new label as it comes through.I do apologise for the inconvenience
    Me:So when they don't collect tomorrow and I then send you yet another complaint and you respond with yet another pretend to care message 48 hours later and the vicious circle of incompetence continues, who exactly will I have to blame but myself for trusting you ? I'll count myself lucky if the parcel is collected before 2013. I am hugely unimpressed. If that parcel is not collected tomorrow I won't be hanging around to buy into a single word you have to say, nor any future dealings with your service- frankly, I'd rather pay more elsewhere and get a reliable result- my daughters birthday present is now almost 5 days late and counting
    Monkeys:I'm very sorry to hear that there is a problem with your item PM999ETC
    I'd like to ensure you that instances such as this are rare and we will do everything we can to help resolve the problem. In order for us to launch an investigation could you please click the link below to complete a claim form (you must complete this form within 7 days):
    Me:The fault lies with YOUR company, because you never contacted Parcelforce to re-activate and re-authorise my shipment after PF's driver caused doubt so that a second pick up became necessary- and I know this to be the case because your own system never updated to reflect this fact. You're now expecting me to pay the price for your own incompetence? I won't. YOU have 7 days to resolve this problem before I take legal action against your company
    Monkeys:Please send us the following information as this may be at our central hub without a label attached :1. Type of Item i.e.: Camera, etc
    2. Full and specific description of item i.e.: colour/serial numbers/any specific materials/etc
    3. Appearance of the outer packaging/anything specific i.e.: White box sealed with orange parcel tape
    Me:The label has been GLUED onto a large brown envelope, so it's definitely attached.
    The contents are as follows : etc, etc
    Monkeys: We will conduct a search for your parcel. In the meantime, please proceed with a claim (in case the goods cannot be located) before you run out of time.
    Me:The only reason I have submitted this claim is to assist you insofar as FINDING THE ITEM. If you think I have submitted the claim for the purposes of recouping a lousy £xyz then you are very much mistaken. Therefor, I have no intention of uploading proof of purchases as the value of this parcel cannot be reduced to your own flawed interpretation of its value in monetary terms

    And on and on it goes, only, like I said earlier, I do not believe a SINGLE word they say. Do you see the pattern re-emerging with these idiots? Hands up for those of you who believe I will ever get my parcel LOCATED, let alone DELIVERED???

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  • Hu
      May 22, 2013

    Sent two parcels early May to France via parcel monkey and both are lost, i have opened a case by using their contact form as they dont have a tel service which is appalling, not only that they have debited additional charges from my debit card which was stored on their database also to top it up they are claiming that one of my parcels was overweight by 12kg which is total utter rubbish as on their own consignment document my parcels declared weight is 4 kg and the actual weight is 3.7kg therefore not sure how on earth they've got the 12 kg?, however the dimensions of my parcel that I sent differers from their measurements, I have opened up a dispute and have had to contact my bank to cancel my debit card in case they help themselves to more of my hard earned money and also claiming the charges that they charged, they are a fraud and this first and last time I send any of my parcels through them as have had nothing but stress. How theyve got positive feedbacks God only knows as the service is not up to standard neither reputable. I would strongly urge people to think very carefully before using this company infact i have heard that they have been on the news recently regarding their service and let's just say it makes you think twice. If only I had known, but you live and learn...!, "AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE".

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  • Sp
      Jul 30, 2013

    An ebayer purchased a Stereo unit from me and was packed very, very well. I even took a photo of it myself for proof that it had been ( Photo attached ) On the day the item was picked up the courier also took a photo of it and when I asked why he said it would cover their backs! (Thankfully I had taken one too!) The next thing that occured was the receipient contacting me to let me know that Parcel Monkey was unable to make the delivery because the item was damaged, and that it was going to come back to me. Days later I was contacted by Parcel Monkey telling me about my parcel and how it was damaged, and asked if I would be in to receive it back again. This I found hard to comprehend as the parcel was so well packaged and when I asked the person who rung me what the damage was, his answer was that he didn't know?!?!?!? He also told me that the receipient refused to accept the parcel due to it being damaged! Via Ebay I exchanged phone numbers with the buyer and he confirmed that he hadn't even seen the parcel!!!?? At this point of writing this I am still awaiting my parcel which is due to be delivered back to me late tomorrow morning. I will be very interested in seeing what state it will arrive in!? PARCEL MONKEY ARE TO BE AVOIDED!!! The Tracking facility they offer is crap too with their small print reading:Please note this Nightfreight "tracking" feature does not have the capability to tell you when your item has been delivered. If you have concerns about if your item has been delivered please contact the recipient to check.

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  • No
      Oct 12, 2013

    beware they are just a scam, I purchased an item from ebay, parcelmonkey was the cheapest to send with, they delivered the item to my country and then handed to their crook partner agent here, which asked for hundreds in administration fees just to deliver it to my door, pretending its such a big deal and even questioning the real value of my item trying to make it eligable for big taxes which isnt, and parcel monkey even offered to return it for more cash, in the end I just rathered to leave my item in customs so their agent can stick it wherever they like and would not pay them a single penny for their scam. total waste. AVOID

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  • Pa
      May 14, 2014

    The CEO gave me his telephone number today if you need it because of the incompetent admin compromised the site when updating the software letting me download their software, they are very interested in speaking to me because of this so he emailed me his phone number.
    I was so annoyed by them no having any telephone number and no live chat or support on the site at the time I was lucky enough to grab the software while they left the site open to everyone.
    I have changed my name but the phone number is real and any problems now you can ring the top for as long as he has that number connected.

    Hello Mr Annoymous,

    I'm very interested to speak to you however the number you provided on our
    website does not seem to work.




    Richard Barrett

    Group Technical Director

    Parcel Monkey Group

    International House

    George Curl Way


    SO18 2RZ

    This email emanates
    from Parcel Monkey. This email and any files transmitted with it are
    confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to
    whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify
    the sender immediately and do not copy or disclose its contents to any other
    person. All contents of this message are subject to contract. Parcel Monkey
    cannot be held liable for the accuracy of information provided or consequences
    arising from the use of this information. Parcel Monkey has taken reasonable
    precautions to ensure that no viruses are present in this message and accepts
    no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this message.

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  • Tj
      Jun 30, 2014

    We are a small reclaimed yard, sent two doors off, they both had glass in them, two different address, both doors smashed, lucky we insured them ? So I thought ? Parcel monkey state they will not pay out., They say we have not provided enough evidence, we sent them pictures of the doors before we sent it & a picture after with the damage, copies of the invoices. What more do they want ? I have told them to pay out the insure within the next fourteen days or we will take them to court.
    BAD COMPANY "DO NOT USE THEM" we have now paid out to put right the damage they have caused to keep our customers happy...

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  • Zo
      Jul 01, 2014

    I was persuaded to move my business to Parcel Monkey spending about £2, 000.00/year on courier services - it was probably the worst decision I ever made. I tried to make it work over a few years but overall it was very hard work indeed. Collections were often missed, deliveries even more so. I became so concerned that I paid extra for the premium (guaranteed) delivery each time in the hope it would improve but it was no better. The front of room staff are helpful and pleasant, but the service itself (mostly provided by City Link) was terrible. They are cheaper but the hassle in re-booking, explaining to customers why they are not going to receive their goods etc just isn't worth it. If you are thinking of sending the odd parcel, there is not so much to lose, but if you are thinking of opening an account for business purposes you will be sorely disappointed (and so will your customers).

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  • An
      Jul 03, 2014

    The worse company ever, the worse workers, system, website, custom care ever. They are a scam, no other word to describe this company. They took my money (£500) and never came to collect my items, never give an explanation. Of course there is no way you could contact them except via letter, and of course they are never going to refund me. I have reported them to Action Fraud, because they are a fake company. A real one, even a bad one, doesn't have so much to hide from customers. Disgusting!!

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  • Ma
      Jul 14, 2014

    Parcel Monkey Holdings Ltd
    International House
    George Curl Way
    SO18 2RZ
    T: [protected]
    Registered Address (from Companies House)
    Parcel Monkey Retail Ltd
    21 Tollgate,
    Chandlers Ford,
    SO53 3TG

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  • Da
      Dec 31, 2014

    Way2savemoney is the parcel delivery website that helps deliver parcels of all sizes to destinations throughout the UK as well as international destinations at very low rates. The international courier delivery services offer a door to door service for collection and delivery combined with real time parcel tracking, so you know where the parcel is at all times. Please visit

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  • E4
      Jan 17, 2015

    Similar experience to all above and I could get an audience with the Queen easier than trying to contact them!

    Pay peanuts and get a tribe of inane monkeys!

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  • Le
      Jan 30, 2015

    Awful company, I sent a small parcel to China. After one Month, I got nothing. I contacted them and they told me that they need reply from the courier first. I kept perusing them, then was told my parcel was in " exchange office" which I had no idea what it is, in UK or China?Also, I was told that they couldn't do anything about it. I asked evidence from them. No reply! Anyone in this forum know any solution to find parcel or get money back ( which I don't really care now ). Or something that we can do to make them pay!

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  • Rb
      Apr 16, 2015
    Parcel Monkey - Missing Item
    Parcel Monkey
    United Kingdom

    Arranged an overnight courier to collect a parcel. Collection was 3 days late and never delivered. Upon chasing Parcel Monkey declared that the parcel had never arrived. Appalling customer service - no phone support - no clear action on how this will be resolved. This company is a scam - DO NOT USE

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  • Ro
      Apr 27, 2015

    I have used Parcel Force once - but i cancelled when i read that i had to print my own labels (i dont have a printer)

    they took my money anyway and claimed that parcel is delivered

    very clever, because how do you prove this? its very hard - you cannot pursue them for funds that will cost you more to pursue


    they are a bogus company - I am very upset - they are a clever company and know exactly what they are doing

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  • Se
      Nov 18, 2015

    paid parcel monkey uk to deliver item for me, to uk adress, as item was valuble insured, paid to parcel monkey, item was badley damaged, after two or three failed deliverys, first wrong adress, so contact PM, they told me parcel force did delivery and damage, i have sent items all over world with parcelforce, never had problem, so whats this all about, told by someone working at parcelforce, this happens alot, due to bad blood between PF uk and PM who are trying to take over parcel force, the ombubsman is totaly out of depth can not handle this big problem, however the hard faced check of PM uk devision told me to sue parcelforce uk, i want my claim paid which is fair, but not at cost of some evil usa company taking control of good british companys, in the march to take over worlds post services, the government turning blind eye to unfair evil, goings on, i have been told that PM are usa company

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  • Be
      Nov 21, 2015

    I booked to send paper to oxford, afer 7 days and countless emails it still had not been collected, still persisting to get it collected, by sending more emails, i was told my items had now been collected, so strange as they were still sat on my porch, i sent more emails to explain only to be told my items had now been delivered, but here they are still on my porch, in the end i booked interparcel, iten was collected next day and delivered day after, i did manage to get a refund though, but they can't refund you for loseing your good name by failing to deliver important goods on time, we actually had a 7 day window, but still did not meet it,

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  • Ke
      Jan 13, 2016

    Lost my parents christmas presents (£600) asked me for receipts of the goods which I sent and then said I didn't send them in time, they never gave me a timescale to return the documents in my corresponding emails
    They have now closed my case which has pretty much ruined mine and parents christmas and they couldn't care less!!!

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  • Ja
      Jan 21, 2016

    I have found this company to be completely unacceptable, , they have been paid and have not sent me the shipping label. I have complained and complained and complained. I then complained on twitter and they were more than happy to try and lie their way out of it and I am going to complain and complain and complain and complain until I have spread the word about their pathetic and discusting company.

    If everyone does this they will not be able to operate

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  • Ni
      Jan 25, 2016

    I have had the most terrible service with parcel monkey .they were suppose to deliver presents to spain for me .lack of communication from parcel monkey .they did not contact my mum in spain they had address and contact number .now i have to collect my parecel from Southampton for £15 ...complete joke Phone number and the same email when i contact them ..saying they want more money .im going to trading standards...and dont hold my breath on seeing my parcel ever again ..

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  • St
      Mar 11, 2016

    I've had similar experiences with Parcel2Go. They have zero integrity and even write fake glowing reviews of their service which are obviously written by their webchat staff as they all name the individual (who ever names the person who they spoke to either online or on the phone?No one.) Astonishing that a company would do that, completely fraudulent and should be investigated by the Trading Standards and Consumer Ombudsman. They lie, promise to contact you then don't and can't be trusted at all. When you read the genuine reviews they are almost universally bad and all say the same thing: no customer service, deliveries gone missing, confirmation of fake reviews on trust pilot and other sites. Disgusting human beings.

    Sadly there are far too many of these shark companies out there. MyHermes is by far the worst though and I won't buy from a company that uses them to deliver products anymore. They are Con men.

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  • Ga
      Nov 10, 2016

    Its the worst courier ever .. I lost my parcel and was promised to receive full compensation (protected value + transfer money). After 3 months of wasting time and money they said we have found your parcel. I am now starting the process of legal action. Every one should raise his case whatever was the amount of his parcel.
    again and again .. BAD COMPANY (DO NOT USE THEM)

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  • En
      Nov 29, 2016

    Terrible service

    Item delayed (adress went lost/distorted while handling the parcel from one courier to another) and badly damaged and they will not pay for it ( I could not check the parcel on time as I was travelling when it was arrived late!). Also pick up was delayed as they did not bother to com to my flat but just asked concierge.

    when I asked to escalate the issue (at the end they were late and they damaged the parcel) this was the answer

    Good Afternoon,

    As you have raised a dispute against the decision made therefore it was an escalation. Unfortunately our decision against your claim will not change.

    I will never ever use them again

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  • Tw
      Jan 28, 2017

    We had very bad experience with PM, delayed, lost parcels, not compensate. Do you know PM registered in which state of USA? We can not find, appreciate, thanks

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  • Ke
      May 01, 2017

    I had a very bad experience with Parcel Monkey my first try out. I had a retailer who buys bulk from us and wanted to see if we could get lower cost shipping (we are in US). Besides a terrible website I couldn't select sufficient insurance. The package was shipped via FedEx (they subcontracted) and was lost in route after the first sorting facility. I had several discussion with their "chat service" and it was always we'll raise the issue. It shipped March 9 2017 and on April 3 2017 they said the only thing I could do is snail mail a complaint (no e-mail available). I will did this but no response as of May 1st 2017. This experience has been terrible and my UK customer was not happy either. I have talked with FedEx and they agree they would cover the cost of goods but Parcel Monkey must make the claim and they won't communicate. I'm out $275 in product plus shipping and they won't respond to the e-mail or chats beyond canned responses. No phone number if available. I ship 100's of packages a month and several large packages a week to retailers. Never had such a problem with UPS, FedEx, USPS . .. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. very disappointed Ken F

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  • Ba
      Dec 21, 2017

    Same exact experience. A bunch of heartless liars. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
    Had a bad feeling from the first minute, so I made sure that I screenshot every single communication! Thank God!!
    See you all at the Ombudsman or the small claims court.
    Let's get these crooks plastered across the newspapers.

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  • Cl
      Jun 18, 2018


    Over 5 months ago my horrific experience with this awful company just began. Last trace of my parcel even existing was 3 months ago via the tracking. Have been made empty promises and passed from pillar to post. Have gone through every "support" channel and just when you think you're finally getting somewhere, you're thrust back to square 1. Just received word they accept the parcel is missing NO COMPENSATION!!!. Absolutely shocking service and company. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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  • Ma
      Aug 20, 2018
    Parcel Monkey - Lost item
    Eastleigh, England, Hampshire
    United Kingdom

    I wish to complain about a lost parcel that I've been waiting for more than one week after I report that was lost . And now nobody knows where is the parcel or they don't know about it . I did an insurance and it covers the parcel !
    I would like an answer, because I needed that parcel urgently .

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  • Ri
      Sep 17, 2018

    Same problem Specialist FPV drone with some other present for my family around £1500 in yotal... Insured the parcel for 400 as I never expected it to go missing etc and the price difference is massive. Then parcel went missing, contacted costumer service and after a few days all communications stoped, one message tells my the have the return team to contact me soon that never happen other day the claims team is going to contact me and after some days and no contact all communications stop. I used twitter, eBay advertised stolen complain and call parcelforce 3/4 times and they can only tell me the parcel was delivered to SO53 3TG signed by MILLER I. I never authorised my parcel to go there or to be signed for other then my brother or myself. Asked for a contact number, email, manager name and contact to pass to bussynes standards, ombudsman service and government authorities and no answer was ever given apart from the return team would contact me shortly same message again and again and again. You can put down your problem that's the answer!? Maybe is a computer generated message? REWARD £250 for information leading to my drone on the photos

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