Panasonic/microwavecustomer service

I am 74 years old and do not have any means of transport. I bought my combination microwave on 18/09/06 from John Lewis in Peterborough, I have the receipt and all the paperwork. The outside has now started getting really really hot and the food is cold, so I phoned the customer line. I was told the nearest agent is 20 miles away so I need to get a family member to take me, I object to being told this as it is not an option, that's it, if I can't get it there they won't do anything, also I would have been charged for their time if they couldn't fix the microwave. I asked if I could take it to Rudkins because they are across the road from me and they do not charge if they can't fix it, they said no, Rudkins are not an agent for them.
So I thought I need to get it fixed myself and I'll just have to pay, I asked Rudkins and he said why didn't you bring it over, we're an agent for Panasonic!! The shop was full of Panasonic microwaves that were broken! I didn't get it fixed because they seem like a very bad manufacturer, I won't be using any Panasonic items again and I'll definetly be telling all my friends about this fiasco. Mrs H Cantellow.


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