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[Resolved] Pallavi Chhelavda / Pallavi Chhelavda is a Fraud

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I had called Pallavi Chhelavda sometime last year because I was going through some personal problems. Nothing was working in our favour. We were both having problems with our jobs, daily fights between us, kids are not keeping well. My family said they know that our birth charts say everything should be in place by now, but nothing was going as per plans. I spoke to some relatives in India and they told me that its got to be bad vastu of our home. We love our new home… We are still paying huge monthly payments on our home. We had to save for so long to buy it, there was no way to get rid of the home. Our family and relatives told us that an astrologer or vastu pundit should be able to fix the problems of the home by suggesting some minor changes or adding a couple of artifacts at designated directions as suggested by them.

We had seen some advertisements from Pallavi chhelavda on desi TV and I thought she must be able to help us… when I called her office, they were nice and sweet as if they are your best friends. But once you get to know them, they are all con-artists. They ask you some questions and answers invariably leads to vastu problems at home. Then they recommend changes – sometimes huge ones. To break a wall, move the toilet from where it is, move the kitchen or they say the entry to the home is incorrect… so eventually, everything seems to be wrong with your home. And you are supposed to pay them a lot of money to visit your home and recommend changes. They also tell you to buy some vastu or feng shui items from them. By the time they suggest you those items, you are totally in their trap. You already believe that this home is the reason to all your problems and you need to either get out of the home or spend money to cure it of all the evil by spending money. I ended up spending such huge amounts when we were already in a cash crunch, but nothing changed. Now I just am thankful that things did not really got worse with their suggestions. All the money was charged in advance and they don’t even offer refunds. There is no return policy on their goods..

I just want to post this so that I can tell other people like me to not to fall for pallavi chhelavda. There are real good vastu experts, who do not charge so much money. You can also read some books or do some research on the net to find good cures for your home. But please do not call Pallavi Chhelavda. Once you call her, there is no going back. She will trap you and extort money from you. Because when you are stressed due to personal problems, you are very vulnerable. I wish I had done some research before calling them. I recently researched and found out that Pallavi chhelavda was once arrested and jailed as well… I know, I found it very difficult to believe, but see for yourself. Here is a link to her arrest record…


So please be careful. Do your research. Do not fall for such con-artists. Have faith in yourself and the god almighty. You will get what is destined for you. Have patience and do not lose faith. If you must contact an astrologer or a vastu or feng shui expert, make sure you do your research. Don’t regret it later after spending thousands of $$.
Aug 7, 2015

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A  11th of Jul, 2016 by 
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STAY away FROM HER SHE IS SERIOUSLY A SCAM SHE IS HORRIBLE !!! She makes u pay 3, 500 up front with no reciept nothing! ESP if u pay cash! And then when you try contacting her she never replies!!! She sends you some cheap ### stuff that doesn't even look much worth.. That you wonder what you paid for. Some brackets to protects your health, but look like ones you get at the dollar store for little girls no lie!!! She is a scam!!! She basically took over 4, 000 dollars from us didn't do ### for us never kept in touch as she promises!!! I have no idea how we fell into this trap but SAVE YOURSELF!!! Don't let her commercials fool u and don't trust her! Anyone else who lives in Florida who has death with her and hired a lawyer and BBB, please contact me so I can jump on this too. Someone who is dealing with the same issue! She seriously is a rip off! A woman like her should be in jail
N  21st of Dec, 2016 by 
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@Cpatel77 why don't all of us get together and do something about this.
N  21st of Dec, 2016 by 
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A  21st of Dec, 2016 by 
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YES, I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. I also paid her so much money for consultation for my house & warehouse. She sent me some cheap stuff and charged me almost $ 10, 000. OMG i have the same complaint. I wonder how many poor souls are there like you & me in this world. We trusted her blindly and made a fool of ourselves and lost so much money. She never keeps in touch with you and does not even give you the service for what she charges you. Not even the advise. She just does not respond. She only talks big till she does not get her money. She is such a sweet talker. After that you will never hear from her. All that money is gone down the drain. If you hire a lawyer count me in. Everyone out there just because she is on TV does not mean she is not a fraud. She is a complete SCAM
N  21st of Dec, 2016 by 
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all her info
N  21st of Dec, 2016 by 
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you should also post your experiences on Yelp!, Twitter, the FCC, the complaint boards and scam report & BBB.
A  20th of Oct, 2017 by 
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I totally agree with you all. Pallavi Chhelavda also took money from us for house consultation. All she did was gave her 5 min. and that’s all. After getting the land she suggested and all the remedies she told us, I had problems and when ever I called her or emailed her went in vain. She never replied or if she answered the phone she always seemed to be in hurry. Do not call her or ask for any sort of advice. It’s a total waste of money and time.You are better off doing the vast your self.

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