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This women is a complete waste of time. I cannot believe that i even got caught up with her garbage. It started that i called her because i thought she would do Feng Shui for my new home. When i found out she was in FLORIDA, i said forget it. In order to do real Feng Shui you must come personally. But she convinced me, promised if i sent her pictures and let her do my home, she would do my business also.

I sent her pictures and she tool over 1 month to get back, she told me it would take time but charged my credit card. She said she would charge 1/2 up front and then other 1/2 once complete. I figured it was ok since any problem i can call my credit company.

She provided me some CRAP chart TOTAL CRAP... My dauther can do better job looking at the computer website. She then charged me again, the amount.. I called her told her, she said she will check but never did. Then some employee called and said that this was the amount agreed. I called the credit card company to dispute but they said the charge was processed and nothing they can do. I called her screaming she told me she will do my business charts.. NO WAYYYYYYYYY I am calling Better Business Buerue on this lady. She is TERRIBLE STAY AWAY ... I wish i was in florida i would meet her personally and take my money. I am looking for one lawyer right now

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  • Pa
      23rd of Apr, 2012

    send me ur contact info and name and any proof of any charges made to your credit card. we have never charged any credit card for any clients that our company has. so please provide us the information as soon as possible. according to our company this is nothing but a fake complaint to damage her reputation. so kindly send us any details along with your name and contact information and we will be glad to handle this situation for you.

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  • Di
      4th of Jul, 2017

    @Pallavi Chhelavda Mrs. Chhelavda, I just saw this comment written by you or one of your employees, and for the record, let me just say this: It is absolutely horrible. I have not done business with you, and just by seeing your unprofessionalism on a comment, I have no plans of ever doing so. You don't take the time to capitalize letters, and you have used "texting language" while claiming to be very professional Vastu consultant. My four-year-old child could have written better than you could. I never had any plans to do Vastu, and even if I did do it, I would never ask you for any sort of advice. In other words, you lost a customer who wasn't even looking to invest their time and money in your company in the first place.

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  • Sh
      24th of Apr, 2012


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  • Di
      4th of Jul, 2017

    @shah patel and patil Sir,
    My friends have done business with her and she is not a con woman. She is way past that league. When a con-man or woman takes money, for a short time, they feel a pang of guilt. She, on the other hand, takes your money, tells you some random(sorry for my language here) [censor], and leaves. Order something from her? It's all in pieces when it comes to you. There is only one difference between the quality of her services and buying a burger from McDonald's. At least from McDonald's, you get what ordered. And please, if you do not understand how to write in English, please stop. It is fine if you type in your language, Google Translate is still alive. And remember this, no one has enough time to go on this website and write a completely fake report. We are not like Pallavi who has enough time to scam innocent people and you who can't even speak in English properly.

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  • Sb
      27th of Oct, 2018

    @ditt ditt Just hush. How much is she paying you to stick up for her?

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  • Ch
      28th of Apr, 2012

    What fake complaint!!!, I have no reason to write anything fake... what reputation you deal with her and you will see she what she will do. I am not dealign with this lady anymore i have contact New jersey bbb and florida bbb to help me with this matter. Lawyer says others having similar problems.

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  • Fl
      2nd of Jul, 2012

    I agree with the complaint...I have been trying to find a home and get the fengshui done before I buy it...earlier they told me they'll come to sites to let me know ...but never got any replies whether I text, email, or phone calls.they just came once and most of the houses were rejected as not being good...then they asked me to email the mls listings so they don't have to travel every time...I agreed...I would email, text, ph calls...but no replies for days even after continuous reminders from me...and when once in while if I get talk they'll say either well get back or they called and already left a MSG...oh my ...I can't believe their lies...seriously...they absolutely have no professionalism...

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  • Pa
      20th of Dec, 2012

    It is harsh to read this type of comment about Mrs.Pallavi Chhelavda . Accordingly to me it is fake complain. Mrs.Pallavi Chhelavda would have never been this type of work.

    I have shear to my experience with her

    My name is Parimal Vyas and i have started my career with financial services like home loan, car loan and personal loan. When i consulate the client there are all most ready for getting loan but end of process clients from not willing to take from us so I am worried about my business. On that time, my friend suggested Pallavi Chhelavda is best vastushastre consultant and I have discussed my problem with her.

    I have provided information about my office location and photograph. Mrs.Pallavi Chhelavda suggested some important changes and tips which I have followed. After six months my business had grown and I am satisfied with her information and instruction. Pallavi Chhelavda also suggested me some tips for my home without any consultancy charges.

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  • As
      22nd of Jul, 2013

    I agree with the complain. She is a con woman who was never able to provide any reasoning as to why when I asked her, All she kept saying that the direction is good for this type of business .

    All I can say is she is good for nothing. Save your time and money, by staying away from her

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  • Sc
      13th of Feb, 2014

    We totaly agree, this is our story with this scammer.
    Warning, this lady is a big rip-off. We had saw her advertisement on an Indian television channel. We wanted her consultment on vastu for our buisness and house. We called her and spoke to her and she had asked us for 1, 000 dollars per buisness locations to visit. We had gave her 3 buisness locations and our house location. She told us the price would be 4, 000 dollars. She had another customer in New Jersey and told us we had to pick her up and bring her to New York. We showed her the 3 locations and she took about 15 minutes to look at each locations. Those 15 minutes each cost 1, 000 dollars. Then after buying her lunch we brought her to our house she gave us an entire list of remedies and feng shui stuff which was all garbage. When she got there and we were making the payment, she gave us another surprise by asking for 350 dollars more for the airfare that we had to share with her other client. All of the products she sold to us were totaled up to another 3, 300 dollars. The catch was, we had to wait a month for her to ship them to us. When we got the products, they were very cheap quality and half of them were broken. We called her right away and told her. She assured us that she would get it replaced for us because she apparently shipped us the wrong products. Yet, that had not happened. Unfortunately, we had to close one of the buisness locations because her crap did not work. She then had the nerve to tell us that our house was not good for us and that we need to move. She assured that she would help us find a better location for our house. But charged us another 1, 600 dollars to see the houses we were looking at and more airfare (another 350 dollars). We picked her around 4:00 from New Jersy and spent 2 hours showing her houses and she made us drop her back somewhere in Pennsylvania to her other client. Apparently he was supposed to pick her up half-way, which he never did so we had to drive her 3 hours from New York. We got home at 2 in the morning. Whenever you call her, she's busy. She'll tell you she'll respond in 15 minutes and then will call back in months or not call back at all. She gave us a life-time consulting for 1, 000 dollars which was a total scam. We are looking for an attorney and planning to complain to the Better Buisness Bearu. Please do not trust this lady with your buisness or home.

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  • Av
      20th of Mar, 2014

    Mr Vyas you seem to very involved in Pallavi ?? You copy paste same message in all complaint boards to praise her ???$1, 700.00

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  • Dh
      26th of Apr, 2014
    Best Best Advice

    To all the people who complained about Pallavi. Don't you think that you are the one who have created this monster. Who on this planet can change what is happening in your life. NO ONE. So to go running to a person and by place a few items in a certain place and change you fortune? PLEASE come on. What about your karma? It's people like you who have make these people so stop complaining

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  • Au
      11th of May, 2014

    First of all why do you all believe in this bull ###... Just stop... If it really depended on fenshui then no one would be sad in this world... No one would face loss... No one would die... C'mon wake up it's the 21st century stop believing in this crap... Seriously wasting thousand dollars on ### like this is totally unnecessary... Believe in god pray to him that everything is good... He's the one in control not stupid people like pallavi... I

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  • Kp
      17th of Sep, 2014

    Why anyone have to go to people like these? Did Anil Ambani or Mukesh Ambani did Feng shui for their business to run successfully? Did Amitabh Bachchan or any other famous actor did Feng shui to become successful? No, right. This is just like a new fashion that everyone wants to adopt it. If God has destined you to be successful or become rich, you will be even if you do not do things like these. So stay out of these. Believe in yourself...

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  • Sd
      28th of Oct, 2014

    She is a con woman, behind money. She is never able to provide any reasoning as to why when I asked her, All she kept saying that the direction is good for this type of business . She is fake & cheater

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  • Al
      17th of Nov, 2014

    Now with due respect to all of the above comments and the cover up replies made by her own well wishers and crooks who are involved with her. Let me explain you why the comments posted by a few are legitimate and true.
    First of all, the so called Vastu Expert does not have any professionalism in her and NO ethics of any sort for consultation and giving services for the money she charges. She will never give you any kind of reports for the vaastu defects in your home or businesses in writing. Secondly, she will never give you the reasons as to why the products which she dumps on you and charges $3500 are to be placed for.
    I have consulted at least 5 professional vaastu & fengshui consultants. She is one of them. I would not say that she does not have any kind of knowledge or expertise, but she does not provide you any kind of reports.Therefore, this is the first negative aspect of her consultancy.
    Now, the way she presents and practices her profession and gets clients are through references and the money she spends on the advertisements on DISH INDIAN CHANNELS. That is where she gets the cream of her scapegoats which she skins the money.
    So be aware of her malpractices and do not get trapped with her sweetness of words.
    I would suggest to all the readers, there is no harm in taking her consultancy, but at the same time you need to get everything from her in writing even before you write her a check or a deposit. Make her write the terms and conditions of her services and what all she is going to provide you with the fees she is charging and let her sign and you keep a copy of the contractual agreement.
    The reason for the above clause is, she will charge you every time she provides you any service without your consent.
    Thirdly, after she visits you and provides you with the products to be placed. Before even you except the products to be placed " ASK HER HOW MUCH IT IS GOING TO COST YOU". This is not a catch but a freaking complete scam and RIPP OFF.
    WHY?, because the products which she provides you don't even work at all and also are really cheap and made in India.Its total worth is not more than $200 or Rs 3500 maximum as it is made and shipped from India. You can buy online these items with shipping at around 4275 from Thailand..
    With the kind of money she charges and makes you spend on vaastu & fengshui consultancy, i would recommend everyone to do some research and ask a few poeple before you hire one. There are experts who charge the same and solve problems which 1 faces due to vaastu defects in home and businesses by giving color therapy instead of using these figurines. You need to have a belief in placing these chinese figures.
    The last suggestion i would make is not to pay for these products till 6 months and pay only if you get some 40% results. But do not fall for her stories of her product is of better quality and shall show faster results. As fengshui enhancers always will give results if placed in the right direction and the size does not matter at all.
    Hope this has helped you guys to not fall a prey for this expert of gold digger.

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  • Pa
      19th of Dec, 2014

    this lady is scam she pays lot of money to advertise for her lies. she pays to be on TV. she is alcoholic also she has been arrested in orlando jail for 3 days for domestic violence. if she is that good why doesn't she keep her husband that divorced her 2 years ago. how can I ask someon for help when she can't even help herself . she is so dirty.. her house is so nasty. I'm telling the truth and God is my witness

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  • Re
      12th of Jul, 2015

    When there are people who are looking for shortcuts of success, these kind of thugs gets popularity. Remember there is no alternative of hard work.
    So get over from your frustration and trust in the Lord. Your hard work will payoff sooner or later.
    Stay away from all crap like vastu and con artists like pallavi or rewa.

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  • Sa
      24th of Jul, 2015

    Well macy in my city has a wrong vastu sastra and they are making millions and vastu doesn't bother them. This is BS about this lady I hate her commercial and also Prem Jyotish all this liar people don't even get a decent job and then start this crap and makes better than decent job and people are blind.
    Please stop all stupid commercial on desi channels its so irritating.

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  • Su
      6th of Nov, 2015

    I don't care about her but when her commercial comes on tv I hate her whole day long I'm tire of it.she say ke rah or sahi Daisha no zindagi badal de"... Why don't you change your like before someone.
    I hope someone can stop this crap

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  • Re
      21st of Dec, 2016

    @Sunny park maybe we all need to get together and take her to court. Lets get together

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  • Ro
      19th of Dec, 2015

    Folks, first of all. to belive in Vastu and Fengsui is Trash.
    and you blame someone for not doing it right.

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  • Re
      21st of Dec, 2016

    @rocky rock no we blame her for charging and then not giving her services. Again I did not mind paying but where is the service that was paid for. I am not blaming her. If she cannot give what she charged for then she should give the money back. We are even.

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  • To
      3rd of Feb, 2016

    only an literate fool will fall onto this Feng Shui crap, , , grow up ...

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  • Di
      23rd of Feb, 2016

    She is a scam. She totally trapped my cousins in Fremont CA and wasted $25, 000. She is very good at marketing but she is a fraud.

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  • Re
      21st of Dec, 2016

    @Dipakbhai Patel Hey that makes two of us. Can someone do something about this and take her to court and maybe we all can get our money back.

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  • Bh
      28th of Apr, 2016

    This was an eye opener for me! Thank you everyone for this useful feedback. Was about to call her...after seeing repetitive ads of her on Tv got tempted but no more now.
    What a sigh of relief.

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  • Sh
      11th of May, 2016

    I agree with others, i have not tried her, but after reading all the comments, she seems to me a con and fraud women, i used to get scared when i used to her scary face and hair on first TV commercial...somebody should stop this fraud and Prem Jyotish, he is another one

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  • Cp
      11th of Jul, 2016

    STAY away FROM HER SHE IS SERIOUSLY A SCAM SHE IS HORRIBLE !!! She makes u pay 3, 500 up front with no reciept nothing! ESP if u pay cash! And then when you try contacting her she never replies!!! She sends you some cheap ### stuff that doesn't even look much worth.. That you wonder what you paid for. Some brackets to protects your health, but look like ones you get at the dollar store for little girls no lie!!! She is a scam!!! She basically took over 4, 000 dollars from us didn't do ### for us never kept in touch as she promises!!! I have no idea how we fell into this trap but SAVE YOURSEL[censored] Don't let her commercials fool u and don't trust her! Anyone else who lives in Florida who has death with her and hired a lawyer and BBB, please contact me so I can jump on this too. Someone who is dealing with the same issue!

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  • Ra
      14th of Jul, 2016

    So right at the beginning ...when you post your says " please check text spelling before submitting a comment"...but it is so mind blowing to read how people spell stuff ...stuff like ..."[censored] Complain"...instead of Fake Complain...and then this..."I have shear to my experience with her "...(wt_)...and then the one from Mr. Vyas...that guy went back to Pallavi even after being screwed once so then you got to confess...Once cheated shame on you but twice cheated SHAME ON ME !!...Folks do not allow scammers to take advantage of weaknesses...just trust your intuition and ask a trusted friend for advice if the situation gets tough.

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  • Re
      21st of Dec, 2016

    @Rav Fernando Rav Fernando. I am sorry but I don't think this is about correcting someone's English or spelling. The message is about how Pallavi is a scam and a fraud. Don't try to be so smart. You don't understand how frustrating it is when you have a problem that you cannot fix and then you find someone who gives you hope to fix it. Charges you a ton of money and then does not provide the solution. Is that not a scam??? And here you are trying to correct someone's spelling mistake. Shame on you.

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  • Ss
      18th of Feb, 2017

    These people are totally useless, don't believe on them. I hate her commercial. how she tries to make people fool? If she or Prem Jyotish can change someone's future why they don't change theirs. Please don't waste your hard earn money on these cheaters. These type of business should not allowed.

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  • Re
      4th of Apr, 2017

    @sssrina she is worst on this earth and big cheater, she duped lots of people and big scam, if she is expert than ask her why she was not able to save her marriage and landed in jail. horrible looks

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  • Pr
      28th of Aug, 2018
    Pallavi Chhelavda - Vastu Feng Shui World - Services-Bastu consultancy
    New York
    United States

    Pallavi is a big time fraud. She charges money but doesn't deliver. PLEASE DO NOT CONSULT HER AS SHE WILL NOT DO ANYTHING MORE THAN TAKE YOUR MOney.

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  • Ki
      3rd of Sep, 2018

    She is scam. She just charged $5000 on my friends credit card.

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