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Logged a Theft Claim on 24 Jan 2015. Outsurance said they will handle all the quotes etc.
Claim approved and now they will send replacement itmes via PTA Tool Centre. I have asked them if there is no other way because I am in East London and if there is any faulty or issues with the goods I have to send all back to PTA. Guess what the lawnmower I received from them were not the correct brand I have asked for, They have send me a Rolux instead of a Ryobi. When I opened the box and assembled all the loose handles, I tried to start it and the petrol cable were loose from the lever that were attached to the handle, this were factory fitted, I tried to stop the engen but could not due to the loose cable.

Now when I phoned Out Surance I am told the they first need to get a agent from Rolux to check if I did not maybe did something wrong. Now I have to wait until the arrange for someone. When I reported this they said I must get new quote, I did but now they say that nothing can be paid out until the item is checked by the agents. Now I sit with grass not cut for 2 weeks. And no service from Outsurance. To make it even worse is that I only switched over to them about 3 months ago. DID I make to correct change??

Feb 02, 2015

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