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San Antonio TX, United States
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Since it seems like the list is growing daily on the complaints of this fraudulent company. I thought I'd share with you what I sent to their supervisor 'Lory' - it refers to the 'manual refund process' that I will have to wait at least a month for:

Interesting. 'Spencer' told me yesterday, that the reason it had to be done manually was because your 'automated processing method' was not working correctly, so it would be done manually and it would take longer.

I truly love the plethora of excuses I've been receiving from your company. It's become quite comical. Wondering if there is any validity to the overwhelming claims that your company is a giant scam. Seems to be a growing list of customers in the same situation that I am in. Not sure if you've seen it or not. It's uncanny, the other people on this board have experienced the exact same situation as myself. I've attached the link for you and your 'complaints department' to view.

I have asked this question several times, yet have never gotten a direct answer; Has the B.B.B. or my bank reached out to your company about my complaints that I've filed? 'Spencer' also told me, it was a different department that handled complaints, he couldn't pull that information up, and for some odd reason, he could not connect me directly to the complaints department, yet he assured me that my complaints would be guys are an absolute joke. You spew out generic automated responses to your customers after we wait for hours to chat with someone. You tell your customers, like you told me, for weeks, that you could not cancel my order nor could you refund my money. But all of the sudden, now you can?!! Only your system is down, or you give me a dissertation on the refund process. I call bull on all of it. I hope your company is held accountable someday for the fraud you are committing.

Jan 31, 2017

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