Outdoors Online20 oz yeti cup holders

I ordered a yeti cup holder back in november and received it within a week... I thought... Wow!! This company is great. I didn't hesitate to order three more holders as christmas presents on december 16th. My card was charged and the payment taken out on the 19th of december. After repeated calls, emails.. That went unanswered, I finally received (1) of the (3) holders on january 19th, it came from china. My order which is now showing a "partial fulfillment status" still has not been shipped. I no longer have the option to press the green chat button at the bottom of the left hand side on the website, and sending emails is just a waste of time. I call every day, several times per day and where I use to get that all of our techs are busy, now it just states that no one is available. What is our world coming to, that you have to cheat someone out of their hard earned money... Get a real job... This company is a total scam!! Don't order from them.

Jan 31, 2017

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