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We waited until 4:30 PM to take my wife to celebrate Mothers's day, so it would not be crowded. My wife, my son and myself were greeted at the door with a young man holding the door open for us. I was glad because of a physical condition I have requires me to walk with a Cain. We walk in to about a half empty restaurant and host goes directly to the phone, ignoring us. Several employees just standing around talking ignoring us for a couple of minutes and then the manager finally walks up and says: Could y'all wait a few minutes because our lights are flickering in the back. Is this a fire hazard restaurant that needs to be completely closed? Should they evacuate the restaurant until the lights don't flicker, would we still be waiting a few minutes if we would've not left? Happy Mother's Day to the Lufkin Tx. Outback, because you ruined ours!

May 15, 2017
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  • We
      16th of May, 2017

    Good grief, how on earth did something so petty ruin your Mother's Day? The manager asked if you would wait a few minutes because of a situation with the lights and you chose not to wait. End of story really! No one was deliberately ignoring you and no one had anything to gain by not seating you immediately. Think about it: servers working on Mother's Day are giving up the chance to spend time with their own mothers and/or children, in order to serve you. Mother's Day is generally the busiest day for restaurants and servers who give up the day, come to work determined to make some excellent tips. Managers receive a significant amount of their compensation based on restaurant sales, so they have no reason to not want to seat you. You could have hung around a few minutes, as requested, but no, you chose to leave. I see no evidence of a ruined Mother's Day, indeed it sounds like you were looking for something to be outraged about.

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  • Ma
      20th of May, 2017

    perhaps it might be a good idea to avoid Outback Steak House during future Mother's Day occasions. or take mom out the day before the actual date marked on the calendar (a Saturday)...beat the rush.

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