SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / possible scam

On 6/6/18 I been having a conversation by the name of James Oliver. I told my son about it, and immediately he said he thought he was a scammer. I then looked on your website on how to spot a scammer and he matched just about all of the warnings. First he asked me to begin emailing. Second, he said he was from the US but is in Istanbul on business. I went back to and his profile is gone. He said he was born in Germany, but was brought up in the US. His grammar tells me he wasn't educated in the US. He's telling me all kinds of things like he thinks I'm his soulmate, where would I want to go on a honeymoon...just way too much way too fast. His email acct. is [protected] Is there anyway you can look into this to see if he has done this in the past. I'm worried that by clicking on to his email that he could instal malware. Please give me some advice so I know what to do.

Jun 07, 2018

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