Ourtimefraudulant use of expired credit card

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I signed up fro a six month trial. Decided not to continue after a few months. I paid for 6 months at the time. My card expires 3 months after I signed up. I did not update it because I knew I would not be continuing with this service. I incorrectly assumed that they could not use my card because it had expired. When I called them after seeing the charge on my account they offered to cancel but not refund. They also offered to extend one months service for me to continued. I declined and asked for my money back. They said no because I had signed onto the site in January--to check what was going on with the credit card and how they could charge on an expired card. I asked for a supervisor and after being on hold for a very long time was told he was busy and would have to call me back later. I called my credit card company and they explained how this and other companies can get around the expired cards once they have you in the system. The charge were removed by the credit card company and future access blocked. So beware when you sign up for these types of services. They can get you for at least one more round if you are not careful. Sign up is easy they make it very difficult to unsigned.

Jan 27, 2015
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