Ouibusracist driver left us at brussels midi station and gone

Booking reference: N81458 of €32 On the 24/04/2017 I have booked the ticket from Brussels midi to London Victoria, at 13:50 hours I was first person on the que bus arrived I asked is this bus for London? No answer! I asked for sconed time he get upset bang the bus said no London, Lille-Paris he didn't even look at my ticket and passport I tried to show him.I wasn't alone there was other people too. After morthen halfen hours he left us and gone we just wait and wait there is no other for Lille to London. I trade to call OUIBUS office it take three to for times nearly 20 minutes. They said I have to book another ticket and make complaint. One racist driver cost me the time anxious, full of stress and lots of money I have to take the taxi go to another town called Denderleeuw and back with heavy lagages. I've booked another ticket Booking reference: 9YHZQ2 €39 for 23:35. I need to get refunded all my money I haved spend including €39 ticket+€73.50 go €56.00 return+phone call from Belgium with Uk number. I'll send the phone statement as soon as I have received.
Hamid zarei


Apr 29, 2017

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