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I too purchased these products but felt I had spent to much money. I tried to return them and the owner or manager of the story told me they were not returnable. He failed to tell me this when I purchased them. He was very slick and did most of the things that were in other complaints.

I have never used these products because I am waiting for my credit card company to try to get my money back. According to the state of CA, if there are no refunds, then the store has to have a sign showing this. There was no sign nor did he tell me.
Hate scam artist. and this store and employees are truly are scam artist.
Nona R.

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  • Ri
      29th of Dec, 2012

    I have found that it was very difficult to report them as being a rip-off... They seem to be so nice. They will introduce you to everyone they know. You make complaints to the customer service and they refuse to refund your money because of the note on the bottom of the receipt. They very best you may be able to do is to get them to give you more products. They will try to talk you into buying more and more products. Brag that you are getting a great buy and you must promise to never tell anyone what you paid.

    The big thing is that there are no prices posted and you don't know what you are paying until they print out the receipt. Notice that the receipt is itemized with what you have purchased but not the price for each item. The only way I got anything is when I complained with proof that they overcharged me for products.

    Those who have been in America long enough have married Americans and get them pregnant within a year. They get their green-card marriage then an anchor baby.

    Stay away from anyone who won't allow you to refund your money in full if you are not satisified!!!

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  • Ma
      29th of Apr, 2013

    Orogold in Escondido does not do returns. The Salesmen in here flatter you into coming in to try creams on your face. I bought one of the creams, did not open it, and went back today to return. The Salesperson did not point out their "no return" policy and since I sat on a stool without my reading glasses for the eye treatment he put on me I was not able to read the fine print on the receipt. The sign is at the back of the store on a small standing sign by the register. The owner was abrupt and not friendly at all, he was practically rude. The Salesperson that sold me this product would not even look at me. Yes, this store is a scam, as noted in the last comment. I will certainly tell my friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone I see that may be around if I am near Orogold. After all "word of mouth" and repeat customers are the best advertising their is! I plan on telling some of the Mall people too so they are aware that customers are being scammed.

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  • Jo
      2nd of Dec, 2014

    I had a similar experience to all the complaints regarding slick, pushy salesmen and not being told the products were not returnable until after I'd purchased them. I contacted the mall manager, and they told me that the OroGold store was under contract with the mall to return unopened products within 7 days. The OroGold staff outright lied and made me feel like an idiot. The mall manager made sure I was able to return my products for a full refund. Don't trust the sales people or managers or customer service at the OroGold stores. They lie.

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  • Be
      13th of Jan, 2015

    My daughter got lured by their "sweet-talking" sales pitch. I just found out about it when I checked her bank statements and I saw that she bought these Oro gold products amounting to $570. When I asked why she bought those products which she doesn't need coz she is only 19 yrs old, she told me that she got pressured into buying by their sales people who convinced her that she needed some creams and deep peeling chemicals. My daughter never had a skin problem, but she developed some skin allergies when they gave her a sample and that they convinced her that the "allergies" can be cured by their products. To those people who will be in the SF area, be very very careful when you go to Market st. There are sales people of these Oro gold products who are out to scam you of your money! These people have no business ethics at all, they shouldn't be allowed by the government to operate under false pretense.

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  • Bo
      15th of Feb, 2015

    I was "accosted" at my local mall by these stalkers also. Got swindled into buying some stupid peel and cream mask. These people should be reported to the police for basically temporarily kidnapping and stalking a person and not letting them leave until you buy something. I haven't returned to this mall because of these people. Who ever is in charge of allowing these kiosks into their malls, should be told by their customers that either get rid of these ###s or we won't shop here anymore.

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  • Ro
      27th of Nov, 2018

    @boopster I was practically kidnapped and my credit cards held hostage at an Oro gold store. I thought I was there for a free facial. Right after the man rubbed the first cream on my face, he started talking about the products and persuading me to buy them. After he took my credit cards from me to charge $3000 dollar to my cards, he talked about his other products, and charged more money to the cards that were still in his possession. At the end, when I was about to complete the sale, the man told me that I had to get the platinum for another $2000. I spent $8000 at that store total. To make things worse, the product didn't even work, in fact, my skin is now in rashes from those products. I left a message with them but they haven't responded back to me. I already refuted the credit card charges, and I have an appointment with a Dermatologist so I can have a statement from a professional in writing incase I have to go to small claims court for the full refund.

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  • Li
      11th of Jan, 2019

    @Romy Brown I had a similar experience with Gold Elements in Nashville, TN. After I filed a complaint against the company with Tennessee's Consumer Protection Agency, I was assigned an agent to mediate my claim with the company. I received that news in late November, and I sent that agency copies of all emails, blogs, and posts that I had made, as well as a detailed account of the salesclerk's fraudulent misrepresentation of the contract and the products. To date, I have not heard anything from the state agency, but I am hopeful that all will be decided in my favor and that I will receive a refund of the $3600 I was duped out of at the Opry Mills Aurarius/Gold Elements store.

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  • Ro
      11th of Jan, 2019

    @Linda Lineberger Ensor All I can say is fight for your refund. I am glad that my credit card companies are nice and were happy to refund the charges pending investigations. It looks like they are going to be refuted after all. If you don't fight it's not going to happen. Don't just going and complain to the people in the store and ask for a refund and sit on it waiting for them to get back to you like they say, which will never happen. One thing I learned having a father as a judge is to have everything documented. When I realized that my face didn't look any better, and started getting worse because the products made my face rash up, I saw a dermatologist and made sure she had in writing a note saying that I am allergic to the products and to stop taking them. I also refuted the charges from my credit cards and explained the whole story. "Note" never by a product for a high price that you are not sure about with cash or a debit card. At least with a credit card they can't hold you responsible for SCAM charges, and you have it on record. I printed out my on-line statement that showed the charges before they were refuted. I have a record of the charges made. The sales man helped me to the car and told me that he put the receipt in the bag, well when I got home I couldn't find the receipt in any of the bags. No problem, I called my credit card companies to send me copies of the receipt just incase. They told me it would take about 2 billing cycles. I had them send it to me anyways, but at least I have my statement with the charges on it. I already made a consumer complaint with the California Attorney General. He wrote a letter back. They might not pursue an investigation, at least one made by me. However, my parent's are helping me, and they live near the store location, so I shipped them the products to turn in, and my father who is a retired judge, happens to know the Attorney General personally, so he will help me out. I think the guy that sold me the items and his supervisor are getting scared right now. Since I had the number of the sales guy since he texted me right after I refuted the charges I wrote him a nasty text message and I took pictures with my phone of the dermatologist note and the Attorney General letter so he knows I'm serious. He just told me that he was going to talk to his supervisor who tried calling me. I was advised not to talk to this company by phone because of how dishonest they are, and that there is a possibility that they will say I will get a refund but ignore me ext. ext.. I texted the sales guy to have his supervisor either text me or e-mail me, and I told him the reason is that I want everything documented in writing. His supervisor e-mailed me to give her a call and that they are looking at both sides of the case. Well I didn't call her. Instead, I replied to her email with everything I sent to the sales guy. I sent those attachments of the dermatologist not and the Attorney General letter. Also I had copied a bunch of links which exposed the Oro Gold cosmetic company. I think she is as scared as the sales guy is. Apparently, I demanded the correct shipping address for the company because a shipment that they have shipped to me had a phony address on it which wasn't recognizable so I took a picture of it and then refused it with a note saying return to sending and I showed on an attachment to the sales guy and his supervisor the phony address and demanded the real address. Everything is going smooth on my end. A few minutes ago the sales guy texted me an address he claimed is legit but I told him I already sent it to my parents in California to return.

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  • Le
      20th of Mar, 2019

    @Romy Brown I have been fighting for a refund for seven months, and I have a legal basis for such. I was a victim of fraudulent misrepresentation, and I have proof that I meet all six requirements for such a claim. To date, I have filed complaints with the BBB-Nashville, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance - Division of Consumer Affairs, the FTC,, and the small claims court in Nashville. When the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance tried to contact the company, no one responded. I have since forwarded a letter from the Gold Elements store's owner to that agency, and they are re-opening the case. The BBB-Nashville agency has also reopened my complaint, as I gave them full contact information for the owner (Assaf Amar/Amar Assaf), thanks to the lawyer's letter. Today I'll file a complaint with the FDA, and I plan to request a court date for small claims court if, by the end of March, I do not get a response to the letter I just sent the owner's lawyer. I cited the TN statutes that apply. This company is in clear violation of them.

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  • Ja
      23rd of Jul, 2015

    I too was taken in by a mall salesman. I don't even think the products are honest, let alone the people. I see no sign of any vitamins in the ingredients, and some ingredients have some degree of toxicity. At least one was an artificial dye, but they tried to tell me it was just another name for a vitamin. And a few grains of gold will do nothing. One can buy a little flask of gold leaf for under $10 at the Royal Ontario Museum gift shop. This scam is unbelievable. If someone wants to do a deep peel they can get salicylic acid at the drugstore and or use egg and lemon juice. I am embarrassed to have paid anything for this "24k multivitamin deep peeling". It is just cheap junk.

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  • Nh
      24th of Mar, 2017

    I was practically pulled off the street, and before I knew what was going on had spent an insane amount of money on this crap. Who in their right mind would want this stuff, let alone the insane amounts of money they charge for these products.

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