Orlando International Airport (MCO) / almost everything

Orlando, FL, United States

Got to the airport 2 hours early. I spent over 45 min looking for parking. Once inside I saw a line that must of had at least 500 people in it. I asked an airport employee if the line was for check-in and they said yes. I told her if it's not the right line it's going to see me late for my flight and she insisted I stay in line. When I got to the front 30-40 min later it was the wrong line. I had to go to the Frontier Airline desk which took more time and I missed my flight. $100 more to find a different flight. The people at frontier didn't check in my luggage which I carried around the airport until boarding. At the gate there were at least 5 employees milling about the desk and no one paid any attention to the line of people waiting for help. The instructions they gave over the loudspeaker were drowned out and difficult to understand because the English version was sandwiches between their instructions in other languages. Every employee I had interaction with was rude or at the least, impatient and uncaring. Worst airport experience ever. Will never use Orlando airport or frontier airlines again.

Oct 18, 2017

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