Orkin / planting bugs

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Hello so if you think orkin is on the up and up think again.. There own area supervisor is lower then low. He was contacted about one of his employees who was not doing his job. That employee would come in and act like he was doing something like spraying but he was not . So when the supervisor was sent out to look at the problem he caused more of problems. Or tried to anyway.. He came in to my house and drilled me on what was going on he asked me to show him to my room where he picked up my bed and dropped bed bugs in my bed.. YES HE DROPPED BED BUGS IN MY BED ALL BECAUSE I COMPLAINED ABOUT HIS EMPLOYEE.. That supervisor told me I had bed bugs and that I had to pack everything up in order for him to come in and spray. I had code enforcement involved at this time and he even went against what they wanted to get done and did not follow what they wanted, in hopes that what he planted would work. But it did not due to the death of the bedbugs in front of that man. Now I had several different companies come out only to find that I have spiders, the only time I had bedbugs was when orkin supervisor was in my house. If he can do this what else does he teach his employees .. DO NOT PAY THEM A DIME TO BRING YOU OUT THE BUGS.. THEY DO NOT SPRAY THEY LET THE BUGS GET WORSE SO ITS YOU DIME.. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. DONT GIVE THESE PEOPLE THE CHANCE TO PUT YOU THROUGH WHAT HE DID TO ME AND MY FAMILY.. RUN FROM ORKIN FAST

Oct 07, 2014

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