O'Reilly Auto Parts / laurel ms store on 16 ave

Laurel, MS, United States

From the desk of Johnny K. Collier
June 19, 2018
Brandon Jackson O'Reillys Auto Parts 2215 Highway 15 North Laurel, MS [protected]
Dear Mr. Jackson,
This letter is a formal complaint and request to resolve an issue with a malfunctioning part purchased from O'Reillys Auto. The invoice numbers associated with this complaint are #[protected] and #[protected].
On February14 2018 I visited the store and an associate named George assisted me with a purchase of an oil pump. Due to me having unexpected work, I could not immediately install the pump on the car. When I did install the pump on 5/3/2018 I discover d the pump was defective because it did not pump the oil and caused lack of oil pressure in the car which in turn caused the scaring of the barrens in the car. I immediately contacted the store and spoke to George and he told me that Tyler Birch, the store manager, told me to bring the oil pump back with the mileage of the vehicle so that we can proceed with the claim of it being a defective part. I returned the pump on 5/4/2018 and I purchased another pump on that same day because I needed to complete this work order. On this day I forgot to bring in the mileage of the vehicle so I told them I would bring the mileage back on 5/7/2018. Tyler Birch was fully aware of the date I would return to the store. On 5/7/2018, I arrived at the store and was informed that Tyler Birch sent the oil pump off and he would "try" to locate it at the warehouse. He also said that "if" he could find the pump then he would test it to see if it was defective. I was a little disturbed by this because Tyler and George were both aware of the date I was to return to the store. Tyler Birch told me himself that he would not send the pump off until I returned to the store with the mileage. Below you will find a brief timeline of our communications after 5/7/2018: — — — -May 9, 2018 Mr. Tyler Birch said he will get back with us on the part. He did not rerun the call. — — — May 11, 2018 Mr. Tyler Birch said he will email the warehouse to attempt to locate the pump and he never contacted me. — — — - May 14, 2018 Mr. Tyler Birch called and stated that they could not locate the pump and he doesn't know what we are going to do about it.
Due to the negligence of O'Reillys Auto Part Manager Tyler Birch, I suffered financial loss in the amount of $3700. — — — - $300 for the first defective pump, installation and removal. — — — -$300 for the price of the second pump and installation. — — — $1800 for the purchase of a new engine. It was mandatory that I purchase a Savage engine because the defective part caused scaring of the barrens because it did not provide the appropriate amount of oil pressure. — — — $1600 for the removal and installation of two motors.
I am requesting the recovery of $3700 in damages. The part was defect and the lack of communication from the store manager coupled with the "loss" of a part that was sent to the warehouse is unacceptable and unprofessional.
If you would like to discuss the matter any further please contact me, Johnny Collier, at [protected]. I look forward to resolving this matter with you.
Sincerely yours, Johnny Collier
PS... A copy of this letter has been sent to the corporate office, Mr. Tyler Birch and Mr. Brandon Jackson.

Jun 26, 2018

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