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I have been an OSN client for about 12 years. I have been paying the installments on time for more than two consecutive years without disruption.
However, last September, my annual membership expired and I had some personal issues, so I couldn`t renew on time, so consequently, the service was interrupted, which is just fair.
Anyways, when i settled again and tried to re-connect the receiver, for my kids to watch the free channels till I had time to renew the annual membership.
Annoyingly though, I was really upset to find out that even the free channels were not streaming.
I called your call center and they told me that since the receiver has been changed a year and a half ago, then i still did not fulfill the "TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS" clause in the contract.
Now, this is just none-sense, since i did my part and paid on time without delay, the receiver has been changed because the OSN asked for it, i did not want to change it.
Actually, to me having to go all the way to your office, to change the receiver, was a waste of time and effort, but anyways I did it, why on earth should i be punished for YOUR request to change the receiver.
It`s a matter of principle, I was going to renew last week, but this just frustrated me beyond imagination.
I hope you can help me resolve this issue.
Thank you

Dec 08, 2018
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  • Ah
      Jan 29, 2019

    Dear Hala,

    They did worse to me and I decided to file a case against them with the "Consumer Protection Authorities". First, they cheated by increasing the monthly subscription fees without telling us. When I found out later (more than a year later), I called them and told them I just wanted the free channels only. They gave me a different reason for not giving me the free channels. They said their policy doesn't allow them to do that. So, I told them to terminate the services. The instead suspended the services and started the services again without my consent after 3 months. They also charged my credit card for one more month. I wasted so much time on them with their unprofessional customer services representatives. By the way, their customer services representatives confessed that OSN policies are not good and not even reasonable. Please, file your case with "Consumer Protection" as well. Their web site is:



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