OptumRXunauthorized prescription filled after specific instruction not to do so and terrible customer service

Fa Dec 01, 2018 MN

On 11-27-18, I was on the phone with a rep, trying to figure out what they had profiled, and what needed a Dr.s refill prescription. The rep, flashed through what was profiled and immediatly tried to fill one that was far to expensive untill the new year started. When trying to go over the list as mentioned, she became irate and tried to hangup. I explained to her I needed to write down, what she had profiled, and what needed a new script. She said "I already told you that, thank you for calling". I said hold on, I still need to go over the list you have profiled, please slow down as I am writing this down in case I need to call my Dr.. I then inquired about the expsense of a particular item, she said because I have met my limit for the year for that item, there is now a charge unless I refuse it and befing afresh next year. I told her that is exactly what I want to do, ignore it untill I call at the beginning of next year. To my dismay, I just recieved the item in the mail, and checked my email, to discover they had Manually entered my credit card number, filled the refill script order and mailed it without authorization. This is not the first time this had happened in the 14 years I have dealt with this company. It is by far not the first time an order was all (*&U#&^^$ up, not sent, incomplete etc. I find it insultive and mind boggeling that this service even merits the the consideration as a service to assist customer's attempts to keep cost down and even more so that United Health Care refuses to hold these people even remotely accountable for the assistance in helping their customers. Optum RX would be a great show for a television expose on fraud and practices by True Crime or American Greed.

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