OptumRX / changing prescription

Attempted to order a refill for my daughters medication, it didn't work on the website and had to have someone call me. Spoke to the first lady, she was nice and helpful, did some research and said it showed it changed from Vestura to Gianvi. I asked why and how did it change when we had refills on the Vestura and hadn't been to the doctor. She didn't have an answer but sent it over to the pharm requesting that it stays Vestura. I received an order summary and it showed filling for Gianvi. Called back and spoke to Shantice. She was very rude, said it wasn't their fault and I had to call our doctor. I said I didn't understand why I had to call our doctor when the original script was written for Vestura and it was showing it in our previous orders. It's not our fault is all she said and wouldn't look at it. So I hung up mad. Then called back and spoke to Ellen. She was very nice and double checked and said that the note on the order to the pharmacist shows to change back to Vestura. She couldn't answer my question on why it was changed on their end other than a clerical error. How can this happen? When your doctor writes the script for one medication and you have 3 refills left, how can they change meds without telling you? Very scary and dangerous!!

Jun 08, 2018

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