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Opinion Outpost is fraudulent; the moment you try to redeem any reward your account will be immediately terminated. Their customer service is seemingly automated to attempt to delay and frustrate you so that you will give up.

Their business model appears to revolve around suckering in new members, squeezing them for as much survey data as they can then terminating their accounts. As long as people keep signing up, Opinion Outpost keeping getting free money at the expense of others.

It is quite plainly a scam.

Oct 25, 2017
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      Apr 23, 2018

    My same experience, they aggressively solicit your time and information, sell it to their customers and then delay, delay until you get frustrated and cancel. However, this practice is known as fraud and because they do it via the internet in us it is known as wire fraud so the only recourse is to tell you State attorney General's office about their practice; they should issue a cease and desist and then their global customers will stop using them.

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