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I have been a member of this panel for over a year now. I have heard many stories of them freezing people accounts for illegitimate reasons and not paying. I never had any trouble, and they were actually one of my favorite survey sites until recently. I have done a number of surveys for them, but for the past month have had huge problems with some of the surveys not crediting, they would redirect me to an error page which read that I was flagged for data concerns, or that I or someone in my household had completed the survey before. I know their survey system well, if I had taken the survey before, I wouldn't have been allowed to start it as it redirects you when you click on it and says you cannot participate because you have already done that survey. I would know if I had completed any of these surveys, needless to say I was getting very upset. Altogether I had about a dozen and a half that did this, some they credited me for, about 4 or 5, and I didn't even waste my time complaining about the 50 cent surveys. So they terminated me.. I have done nothing but tell them somethings wrong with their system, as I am not getting credit for some of their surveys. Oh and when a 55 point survey didn't credit, I did threaten them, it took me over an hour to do it, that was over a 5.00 survey. But at first when this was happening, I just ignored it, until it kept happening. I have done many surveys for them, and although it didn't happen all the time, it happened too often, and I couldn't be flagged for data concerns as I would spend a long time answering surveys, honestly with the same profile information all the time. I seen a few others having the problem and they wrote about something on their website saying: Many companies offer the same survey through multiple survey panels. If you ever get the status “someone else already participated in this survey using your computer” it may be that you already completed the survey with a different survey panel. Although this is uncommon, it can be frustrating when it happens.

We encourage our members to prevent this from happening by not taking surveys on a computer that someone else does. We know this is sometimes not possible since spouses share a computer, but if it's possible to take surveys on different computers, this will happen less frequently.
Uh, duh, people know when they do the same survey, but ssi surveys(which is what OO uses), never lets you even start a survey...looks like a lot of people were complaining so much, they had to say something about it. There were times when I started a survey and it redirected from the start saying I may have already done the survey. Thats how it works, it doesn't let you finish the survey to go to an error screen saying that either you may have taken the survey or you were flagged for data concerns, and then it says if you think this is an error please contact them...WHICH IS WHAT I DID. Instead of helping me most of the time they would state that I didn't qualfiy for the survey. which is a lie since I know I finished the survey, its just that they didn't want to admit their system is having problems. Which lead you to think, maybe this error screen is a problem they don't care to fix, its in their best interest to not pay you for the survey, they get paid anyhow.
Its very unfair that I have worked like crazy to do these surveys and then not get paid, I was busting my but, trying to get money for my kids school clothes. only to be RIPPED OFF BY OPINION OUTPOST. I suggest anyone else that has had this happen complain to the BBB and FTC, which is what I am doing, if enough people get together I think we should enter a class action lawsuit against Opinion Outpost, now I know those that have had their account frozen for no reason were legit, because it happened to me.


  • Tb
    tbtony Dec 28, 2011

    Wasted my time taking surveys, went to cash out 17.00 and they freeze my account and didn't pay me, I have heard they have done this before ever since they were taken over my surveysampling international, They get paid for me taking the surveys then they screw me over

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  • Su
    survey101 Jul 27, 2012

    Just happened to me! Went to cash out $30.00 and it comes up "Account terminated for data concerns. You no longer have access to the website or ALREADY ACCUMULATED REWARDS." Sketchy, much?

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  • An
    anonymous209 Mar 30, 2013

    I couldn't agree more. Opinionoutpost is a complete SCAM! I advise all survey takers to please avoid this panel. I busted my butt each and everyday taking surveys to earn enough money to surprise my mother with a birthday present. I had just crossed the $200 mark when I logged in the next day only to be stopped by a ridiculous pop-up claiming that my account has been frozen due to "data concerns". This survey site is so shady and the system is so corrupt! I just couldn't believe I had just lost $200 for illegimate reasons that this scamming panel couldn't provide proof for. I wish I could give all opinionoutpost affiliate a piece of my mind, in person that is. To all opinionoutpost survey takers, enjoy it while it last. You too will be a victim one day. I hope the BBB does something about this. Burn in hell opinionoutpost!!!

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  • Jo
    Joseph T163 Jun 07, 2017

    @anonymous209 OPINION OUTPOST [censor].

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  • Gi
    gigglypuff203 Jun 15, 2013

    I'm so pissed right now. Whelp. The same thing just happened to me. i built up 100 dollars and my account frozen after trying to redeem the points. Funny how I never had a problem with the site until I went to get my money.

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  • My
    mystory88813 Jul 02, 2013

    I just tried to cash out my reward points but it sent me a message saying" Account terminated for data concerns" and it kicked me out of the site. I tried to log back in but it said my account was frozen.

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  • Ci
    cinnamonn Jan 11, 2014

    I just had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I joined around 5 months ago and remained loyal even after I questioned their work when I would waste time on surveys. The pay was good but I started getting error messages after spending 30+ minutes for a few dollars. I emailed their help desk to find out why I was receiving these error messages after spending my morning on something I'm not even getting paid for. Each time their only response was how the survey was still open and I can still take it. That isn't even closing to helping me with my problem and once I even took another 45 minutes to earn the money I already worked for, just to get the same result. I stopped getting frustrated and tried to ignore whenever I didn't receive my rewards for a survey.
    Yesterday I tried to cash out $50 for Amazon gift cards and I immediately got locked out from my account. "Account terminated for data concerns" not even a clear or valid reason. I doubt I'll be getting a response from them, but I'm not just letting this go. I worked for that, even though people may just think it's "only $50". We don't have enough money where I can let this go easily. I always had good things to say about them and I recommended them a lot, but they really ruined that this time.

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  • We
    wendimac Jan 17, 2014

    I have been a member for over 3 years. Today they froze my account due to supposed 'data concerns', and yet they continue to send me emails. While this site may have been trustworthy at one time, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I have had problems with their surveys anyway, where I would invest 15 or 20 minutes just to be disqualified. Although that happens on every site from time to time, it seems to happen with Opinion Outpost more often. This hasn't happened on any other panel. I never made much on that site anyway, so I say good riddance. There are plenty of reputable sites out there. Best to stick with those.

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  • Cl
    Clasch Oct 18, 2014

    The same thing just happened to me. I wrote to their help desk and asked why my account is frozen. I probably won't hear back from anyone. This is very upsetting!

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  • Ac
    ac/dc Dec 25, 2014


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  • Op
    opinion outpost Jan 09, 2015

    my wife tried to redeem $10.00 they said she didnt have a paypal and locked the acct can talk with anyone keep giving me 4424 acess know one will answer or send emai; well i am glade it was on 10.00 people are trying to survive we dont need any more scams we have enough i hope you enjoy god dont like ugly Joann

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  • An
    Angry Smurf Guy Jan 30, 2015

    Until i added and an second account to my address everything was going great. My first profile from which I started on the date of 5/18/2014, I accumulated 4628 points whitin 7 months. It was frozen on Dec 22, 2014. It took them exactly 1 month to clear things up and it was unfrozen on Jan 22, 2015. I had done exactly two surveys and accumulated 15-20 points, and logged out for the day. Then I logged on the 23rd of this month and it was frozen again. Come to find out today i've been terminated. My money and the fact that i was just recently accepted to do an home study is gone. For a reason that makes no sense. I've read the policy and everything was A OK until i added an second account. As far as my friends account, she joined on Oct 22, 2014 had just hit 1000 points this month Jan 2015 qualifying for her badge and a few points boosting her up to 159 points and cashed out through my paypal account since she doesn't have her own at the moment. Everything went well until she tried to login the following day. Here account had been frozen. She had sent an email asking whats going on and O.O. replied back within one day i'll give em that but it was nothing she could do about her profile so we cancelled the account . So im back to 1 account again and I decide to let her make another again and I helped her with a few because she was kind of still angry about what had happened. Well guess what? After signing up again and getting everything situated, 14 surveys later and she's ready to cash out for $10.00/100 points. She goes and try to cash out and was prompt with an message stating since this is an new account it will take appoximately 72 hours to evaluate the profile. 3 days later everything went through and she was able to cashout for the $10 bucks, then her profile was frozen for unknown reasons. O she was fire red hot and had sent email on top of email asking what is the problem and they replied with an message stating that she did 3 overlapping surveys in an 24 hours period which is odd because they were sunt to her and she qualified for them and took them with no problem. So again we cancelled that account. (Again this is an 1 month time span. My account and two of her's were terminated). I said to myself i'll give here another chance and thats it. We opened another account, which is the last account ever made. I told her to take an easy and see what happens since you are required to wait 3 days before cashing out anyways why rush. On the second day after opening the account, she was able to cashout with 118 ($11.80) points. At first I said just wait until the third day dont try to cash out yet she said ok. So she went to take the next survey and was hit with an message saying she has been showing some inconsistences with her answers, and we both without hesintation thought of cashing out immediately because this didn't look good. Now if there was an problem with anything that she'd done up to that point I truly know that Opinion Outpost would have said or done something about it earlier. But until she had enough to cashout with because the previous survey was 27 points and 32 minutes long. nothing was said. So yeah you've guessed it . She went through the process of cashing out into my paypal once more. Everything had seem to go well. Logged out of the O.O. account and logged into my paypal account...nothing. So she logged back, well tried to log back in her account and it was frozen with her $11.80 in her account still. On top of that, she had just been invited to do an diary study and an online group study that's gonna take place on Feb. 5th for $50 bucks. and this happens with no real or clear explaination. They were good at first but a reason of advice for any do not add an second account in your househould. That gives them reason to railroad you. We read the policy where it states in order to have two accounts, you have to have different emails. Granted we did everything by their policy and still got screwed over. Good luck, and thanks for listening.

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  • Jo
    JOHN GREAT May 04, 2015


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  • Lw
    lwmayrand Jun 03, 2015

    Same here, I worked OO, and their sister site survey spot, for almost 2 years, never had a problem, one day out of the blue there was 150 bucks in my account, I cashed it out, in increments of 50 their max cashout, then they froze my account, my last laugh was on them for all the times they ripped me off on surveys also, I made alot of money off them and miss them but near the end it was ridiculous, they would get all the info then not pay, so glad it happened the way it did, I'm on other survey sites but they r not as lucrative!

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  • Ra
    rahul banjare Jun 30, 2015

    yesterday my account got terminated due to data concers .i don't know what this is ? but would it valid again or not ?

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  • Ra
    rahul banjare Jun 30, 2015

    my account got terminated due to data concern .would it be valid again or not.?

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  • Bo
    Bob Thomas Oct 14, 2015

    After over a year i get caned and terminated . Really pissed me off .. Seems they do this to alot of people...

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  • Bi
    billyjoe1984 Apr 15, 2016

    Also had this happen, wanted to claim a meager £5 and they instantly terminated my account without any reason, I have reported them to and recommend everyone else do the same, the bottom feeder responsible for this scam will eventually get his comeuppance.

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  • Di
    Didy May 20, 2016

    I never allow my points to accumulate so just redeem once it reaches a redeemable points. However, after my kid did a Disney survey for over 15 minutes, finished and got the weldon page and was told to click finish, only for the opinion outpost to pop up "sorry you didn't qualify" after wasting a kid s time. You shouldn't have asked a kid to do that survey, kids don't understand such scam. She felt so disappointed. I was so petrified I wrote opinion outpost, they never got back to me. As if waiting for me to redeem, when am ready to. As I clicked on the redeem button, the termination box popped up. I have written them about it, wonder if they will reply. It's so disappointing cos they really used to be my fun best.

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  • Ra
    RazorEdge123 Sep 14, 2016

    I managed to cash out for $379 from OO over the past few months, trying to stay one step ahead of them before they froze each account. When I got to my 6th account and tried to cash out for $10 Paypal, they terminated me and now it seems I cannot even create another account. I am kind of bummed because it was easy money but am glad to know that I earned all my money without telling even one ounce of truth. Nobody gives a crap what I drink or where I shop but my phony profile was a good one. So part of the laugh is on them too. There are literally hundreds of other GPT sites to use.

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  • Li
    Lied-Opinion-Outpost Feb 16, 2017

    @RazorEdge123 HAHAHAHA LOL like this best rewiew ever, same here, i cashout more than $200 from OO for none truth, this #### are scammers all people lie in studies i like this lololol

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  • Li
    Lied-Opinion-Outpost Feb 16, 2017

    @Lied-Opinion-Outpost I'm lie in surveys and make a fake profile in Opinion Outpost I'm Proud Of This
    This #### frozen lot account people for no reason check in facebook page Opinion Outpost
    im proud i earn more than $200 from Opinion Outpost

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  • Mi
    Michael W. Graves Feb 23, 2017

    I feel better now knowing this has happened to several other people...i recently had my account frozen and not able to redeem my rewards...when i called them, they said i had taken a survey from outside the U.S. i said i live in georgia and have never been outside the U.S. in over 45 years...if any one starts a class action suit against opinion outpost, i would like to be involved...i had been a member with them for over three years and it is only the last three months, i have had a problem...but to not be able to redeem my rewards is just not right...

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  • Ms
    Ms. Reeves Jan 22, 2019

    @Michael W. Graves I'm ready and willing to start a class action suit! In fact I'm going to do it right now!

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  • Te
    technite1 Mar 06, 2017

    Got told my account was frozen due to data concerns, contacted them, they went through several loops before saying my account would be reactivated in 48 hours and if I try to log in before that time I may be frozen again. I waited out their recommended time before logging in, cashed out, money came in two days but when i tried to log back in to take more surveys it was already frozen again. Contacted them again, few days later my account was permanently deactivated because i violated their terms and conditions. I've consistently given the same information for my 4 years on this site. so my account was frozen for data concerns and reactivated, I never got to even take any surveys yet they're telling me within the 48 hours that I hadn't logged in, that I somehow managed to violate their terms and conditions. Smfh, BS, I'm just glad I managed to check out with the $46 before they permanently deactivated and sent this bs email about how i no longer have access to my balance. Hah my balance is 0 anyways.

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  • Bu
    Buck opinion outpost Mar 28, 2017

    I haven't been on in about a week and now I can't log in this is a load of ####

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  • Re
    realist m Apr 30, 2017

    They keep freezing the account as if they 'Have data concerns.' No they do not. They freeze accounts, unethically, to prevent payouts and such. In fact, they have a a lot of gaul freezing accounts, when according to american business standards, they should be shut down for failing their business obligation. They need to be looked into and put back in their proverbial place, being they seem to have an 'untouchable' attitude that needs to be wiped out.

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  • Ru
    Ruby Domanico May 22, 2017

    I've been a membership for at least 3 years with very few issues, until a couple of weeks ago when I terminated a LONG survey promising 300 points. Just when the survey was about to reward my account, I got an error message and no points were rewarded. I tried to contact help desk via the form online but no one came back, and because I did not want to give up on my points I started to send a message every few hours... just to get attention.
    I also send a couple of e-mails.
    Guess what... today I tried to log in into my account and .. BAM! My membership has been magically terminated!!

    So not only are they not bothered to come back to their members, but when you try to contact them they terminate your membership!

    The most annoying part is that NO ONE is arsed to send you an e-mail to give you a reason why or to warn you.
    I obviously contacted help desk once more asking for explanations, but what's the odds they will just ignore my e-mail...?



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  • Ma
    Maryann74 Jan 02, 2018

    It happened to me to.l went to cash out and they told account was frozen because of data concerns.l don't even know what that is. That is a lie and a scam to steal survey takers money. If anyone wants to start a class a law suit..l want to be in it.They froze my account with out reason ..except to steal. This agency is on its way down.Oh what a tangle web we weave when we first practice to deceive.Happy landing.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Krupa-Elamon Oct 26, 2018

    Just had same problem as so many others. Tried to cash out the $100 I've earned with the same BS results of data concerns. Long time member and first time I had this problem. I'm all for a class action! Count me in!!

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