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OpinionOutpostAccount suspension

Dear Mr./Mrs,

I hereby would like to file a complaint about the way I was treated and the way I was responded to by two of your employees namely Rue and Pearl of OpinonOutpost but before touching this point I would like to provide you with as much information as I can regarding my history of registrations with OpinionOutpost.

On October 23 I signed up with OpinionOutpost through another website and started filling out surveys bearing in mind the importance of providing honest and accurate information regarding myself and my habits. I firstly signed up with this email address: [protected]@gmail.com.
Because I repeatedly ran into a generic error when attempting to redeem my points and because I didn't receive any surveys between November 21 and November 27 and because I didn't receive the deserved "commitment to our customers"(as it reads in several of OpinionOutpost emails), I was forced to close my account leaving behind roughly 50-100 points.

On November 27 I opened a second account (r.[protected]@gmail.com) after closing the previous one. This time after a series of errors with the website, I ran into a more specific one: [protected] namely QSB0303-17. Pearl made a false claim stating that the problem had been solved when in reality she lied about this because the problem never ceased to exist. Because again, I didn't receive the customer service I deserved and was entitled to, I had to close that account too leaving behind further points ranging from 50 to 100.

On December 20 I opened a third account ([protected]@hotmail.it ). Again, I started receiving surveys as normal but this time they stopped and neither could I redeem my points. No one stepped in to help.
Thinking the account had been closed by you, I proceeded with opening a new and last account ([protected]@gmail.com) with Opinion Outpost and again started filling out surveys. I had amassed 130 points and tried to redeem them but when attempting to redeem my points I ran again into another generic error. I sought help (Incident: [protected]) and this time Pearl, attributed this error to my account suspension. The explanation ranges from the accuracy of my score to having two existing accounts.
I find this accusation false because as Opinion Outpost may know, panellists do get disqualified from surveys for different reasons included and not limited to mismatch between clients requested demographics and offered demographics.
My explanation for the two open accounts was that I didn't realise that Dynata LLC sends the same identical surveys to both Opinionworld and OpinionOutpost and that if one fills out the same surveys one after the other, the system gets the same answers from two accounts bearing the same email address. As soon as I realised this, I closed the Opinionworld account leaving again points behind (not enough though to withdraw the paypal rewards worth 1000 pts) and used only the Opinion Outpost account ([protected]@gmail.com).

Going back to the opening of this incident I am let down by how Pearl and Rue handled the situations showing a high lack of transparency.
Curiously enough whenever I needed help from any of you, I'd have to wait days or weeks before receiving help but as soon as I pointed out wrongdoings in my judgement, Rue was very quick to respond as she proved to be [censored]ly and felt the need to defend her and Pearl's deeds.

Finally, I sought help with Rue to find out if I am allowed to re-register with you but obviously given the confrontational attitude I received from both Pearl and Rue I am pretty sure that this last request will be ignored like many others.

Below you can find the [protected]@hotmail.it account and the [protected]@gmail.com account.



Account suspension
Account suspension

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    OpinionOutpostAccount suspended

    My account was suspended for apparently no reason. I have over 1900 points which is nearly $200 and I'm not being allowed to cash it out. This is fraud, plain and simple. I would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit against this company if one were started. I would also like to add that 1800 of these points were earned from a 90 minute conference call focus group on flea and tick treatments for my dog. I participated in this study with an entirely separate company that compensates me through opinion outpost. So in essence opinion outpost collected the money from the advertiser and then failed to pay it out. This is fraud as well. I have emailed opinion outpost several times and was only told once that my account was suspended indefinitely. I am extremely angry about this and just want the compensation owed me.

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      OpinionOutpostI am suspended from account unfairly

      On Sept. 30, 2020 in the evening I logged into my Opinion Out Post account to see a prompt which stated " You have cancelled your membership" if you wish to reactivate please contact us! I have been a member of this site for many years and actually a Diamond Member. I have taken numerous surveys and have considered this account my favorite account. I have always been treated well. I was dumbfounded to see this prompt and totally confused since I would never cancel this account. I sent an e-mail explaining my situation. I received a response after a day or so that this would be looked into. Several days passed and I received a response letting me know I was suspended indefinitely by agent Jesse. I was crushed and heartsick. I have violated no terms and I have no idea of what is going on. I have attached my log in prompt and the final e-mail I received. I believe this suspension is unfair and unjust. Please consider my appeal.

      I am suspended from account unfairly
      I am suspended from account unfairly

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        OpinionOutpostNot being able to get my money from rewards points

        These idiots will not send me a code via e-mail so I can get my money!

        See e-mails I sent to them:

        Well Carlo. Jessa is ignoring me now, which is not member/customer friendly and rude!!!

        No Jessa. You are not understanding. I do not give out my wireless and definitely no one else's number to survey sites like yours or other survey sites, who do accept VOIPs!!! I am not going to give you OR any other number at all and I do not know why you would think I would use another person's number to give to you or any survey site!

        You are e-mailing me now, so e-mail me the code now! I will contact the Better Business Bureau, a lawyer, and post on the internet what type of company you all are if I do not get the code sent TO MY E-MAIL TODAY!

        I WANT MY MONEY [email protected]!!! SEND THE STUPID CODE TO MY E-MAIL!!!


        Jackie Harrington

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          May 10, 2020

          OpinionOutpost — My account was suspended as soon as it was created

          Re: the attached e-mail trail My account was suspended AS SOON AS it was created. I never had the...

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          OpinionOutpostOpinion outpost freezing my account for no reason

          I've been taking surveys on opinion outpost for a little extra money and all of a sudden my account is frozen. I answer my surveys honestly and take my time. I had amds 60 dollars and now my account is frozen. they are basically stealing my time. did I get scammed? Please help. I was reading that when people got to a certain point with there money they all of a sudden couldn't redeem the money and their account would freeze. Whenever you email them no one responds. I've been working so hard on these surveys and now I cant even access my account. Feel cheated

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            OpinionOutpost.comunable to give them my new e-mail address

            I have tried their 1-877 number numerous times to give them this new info for many weeks now, I have e-mailed them also many times to relay this new info I don't know what is going on with them. Or they in business or not?
            If they still are, is this any way to conduct business? The other survey companies are much more diligent about things such as this. I am thoroughly disgusted with them. Can you help me with this problem.

            Please e-mail me back regarding this as to reaching a solution. Many thanks

            Rosalie Ochoa

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              OpinionOutpostredeem points for cash

              I am a new survey taker who just accumulated 102 points in the last week by completing 16 surveys. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment.

              I went to redeem 100 points for $10 in PayPal cash however it looks like the website ate my 100 points! Now the site shows I only have 2 points remaining.

              I do have a verified PayPal account. Please can you investigate and resolve this situation ASAP please?

              I need $10 in my PayPal account by year end, 12/31/2019 to show I have self-employment income for this year 2019.

              Please advise soonest. Thank you!

              Best regards,

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                Opinion Outpostonline survey

                I had spent weeks answering surveys on opinion outpost uk gaining 570 points, I answered all surveys as accurately as possible even being refused many as I did not match the required criteria which was fine. On gaining 570 points I attempted to withdraw via paypal to purchase items for christmas only to find I my account to be terminated for inaccurate survey answering. I strongly disagree with this as I always answered as accurate as I could. I cannot stress enough how frustrating this is as I spent weeks doing this and managing to get 570 points totalling £30.00 worth of rewards. I have spoken to opinion outpost aboutbthis however they just keep saying it was due to the accuracy of my answers but it just seems to much of a coincidence that this happened once I tried to withdraw.

                Please can you help resolve this matter.
                Many thanks

                Thomas Martin

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                  OpinionOutpostmember help

                  Hi there,

                  I am a regular member of opinionOutpost. But, Matter of sorrow that today unfortunately Shown a message my account has been frozen due to data concerns. that why, i can't log into my account. therefore, i am requesting you to resolve this issue as soon as possible. I hope and believe that you will be reply me a positive response.

                  Your Regard
                  William Jonson.

                  member help

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                    OpinionOutpostopinion outpost

                    I joined this survey group to give it a try and see if they actually did what they say, not the case, I completed enough surveys in two days which I actually put time in to them and the moment I went to claim my 10.00 dollars they froze my account and now I suspended from thier website for doing what they asked. A far as I am concern they are thieves and do this frequently so they don't have to pay you for your services you provided and they collect your money. This is extremely disappointing.

                    Say away from them

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                      Opinion Outpostopinion outpost/ cashing out

                      I am a member of Opinion Outpost surveys. I've accumulate 300 points and am trying to cash out through Paypal. Every time I try Opinion Outpost informs me that my paypal is not verified. I know that it is verified because it's connected to a bank card and I have other businesses that have made payments on it. Then they tell me I have to wait 5-7 days to try again.

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                        OpinionOutpostcashing out

                        I have been doing surveys for about a month on this site. Had no problems doing the surveys until it was time to cash out. I had about 150 points accumulated and decided to try and see what happened when I tried. Well... Here you go... a problem! I tried to cash out with my paypal and the site is telling me I do not have a verified Paypal account... not sure what that means, nor did they explain how to verify the account. I have had a Paypal account for years! I emailed the company to ask how to verify my Paypal account and have never received an answer! I tried to use the Amazon gift card option. Now my account is locked! I'm done! Scam, don't bother!!!

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                          • De
                            Dene Messina Jul 21, 2019
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            yeah... i just tried to cash out 100 points on said site: first it told me my account was not able to redeem until i'd been a member for 72 hrs...so i waited...then after 72 hrs it just tells me that there has been an error..so tried to cash out for an amazon voucher instead..the site then asked me for a phone number for them to send a code to...i was dubious about giving them my phone number, so i googled the problem and found others saying it says their phone number isn't valid..they have enough info from me without me giving them my phone number for free, especially with their appalling trust pilot reviews..try swag bucks instead: they're slower to pay but legit.

                            0 Votes

                          OpinionOutposta survey I completed

                          This was a good diary survey, every day for 7 days I was to take a picture of at least 2 meals for up to $8.00 a day, upon completion-I would then receive $50.00 for doing all 7 days. I attached the last email I received for doing the final entry(which I did). I completed each day and did everything I was suppose to. I was wondering when I would receive the (up to)$8.00 a day and $50.00 for completing all 7 days!?

                          a survey I completed
                          a survey I completed

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                            OpinionOutpostafter 10 years my account was terminated

                            I have been an active member of Opinion Outpost for over 10 years and never had any issues. Always got plenty of surveys and was always able to cash out & receive my Paypal transfers within a couple of days. Suddenly, they stopped sending me surveys on June 11, 2019 and I could not log into my account getting the error message my account has been terminated.
                            I tried calling customer service and just get a recording to leave a message. Two days later I get an email response to my message stating my account was terminated because I violated the rules of the agreement. WTF! After 10 years I have violated the rules. I am now out about $180.00 that I was saving towards a vacation.
                            This company also owns IPOLL.com and exactly at the same time, they terminated my account on that site and I am out $565.00 from them!
                            Anyone want to join me in telling their story to a major news network that loves to rip into companies that rip off people?
                            Email me at [protected]@yahoo.com. Come one, come all. I want to nail this company's [censored] to a wall!

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                              OpinionOutpostmy account was terminated


                              I just spent over an hour doing surveys on Opinion Outpost (been a member for a couple of Months now), when the usual page appears to take another survey or no thanks. I clicked no thanks. then was taken to the main log in page and clicked log in. Then a message appeared - Your membership had been terminated as a result of the violation of the Opinion Outpost Terms & Conditions for questions please contact [protected]@opinionoutpost.co.uk. I have no idea why. I had 0ver 70 points, and about 300 prize draw entries. So I'm feeling really cheated.

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                                OpinionOutpostlocked account

                                When trying to log into my account an error report comes up telling me my account has been frozen. This is the first time this has happened to me, but numerous others have had the same problem. This pist eants me to make my complaint 350 words but honestly there isn't anything else to say except that I get upwords of 5 surveys from them each day, why do they keep sending them if I can't get into my account to do them ? Very frustrated.

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                                  OpinionOutpostproblem with cashing out

                                  I have been a participant at opinion outpost for about a month. After I accumulate 240 or so points, I decided to go and cash out. Well, I went through the whole process and just as it finished connecting my account to my paypal, it booted me out of the system. I then tried to log back in and it told me that my account had been frozen due to data concerns. I know I have been 100% honest and truthful on my surveys. So I have no idea why there would be data concerns. I tried to contact the help desk through the email that was posted with the error message. After hearing nothing back, I decided to try emailing once more. That was last night and I still havent heard anything. I am really disappointed in the service I have gotten. I have worked really hard to complete the surveys and I dont think it is right for them to operate in this way. I will definitely stop recommending this to friends and family and instead warning them to steer clear of this company and their illegitimate practices.

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                                    Apr 12, 2019

                                    OpinionOutpost — amazon request failed

                                    2 days ago which was 4/10/19 I submitted 2 Amazon request. Today one went through and one said it failed I...


                                    I applied to be part of your Opinion Outpost today and just as I was finishing up...it froze me out. I have never applied before so I don't know what the problem is. I read all the negative reviews about this happening to ALOT of people so I figured I'm one of the lucky locked out folks. I don't know what's going on with this but could you please explain why I'm froze out even before I got started...Thank you..
                                    Dwight Miller

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                                      • Updated by Gina Dowell · Apr 04, 2019

                                        Yes..I am Dwight Miller and Gina Dowell is my fiancee. We share her email address because I locked myself out of mine. We live together, getting married next month.I have her permission to use her email address, and neither of us has applied to Opinion Outpost in the past. Ok.. what's the problem? If this process is as bad and disfunctional as I read, don't bother. I would still like to give you a try if you allow me.
                                        Thank you for your time and help... can't wait to hear back from you...

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