Opel CorsaMultiple car problems

To whom it may concern,

I bought a new opel 1.7 turbo diesel bakkie in feb 2006 from eagle canyon auto. Upon the purchase of this new vehicle, i instructed eagle canyon auto to install a new radio and rubber lining.

Within the first week the left hand speaker stopped operating due to a bad connection. The second week, water leaked thrue the roof. Due to bad installation where they didn't install a o-ring on the bee-sting arial.

On both occasions i was told that if i wanted these problems to be fixed i needed to take my vehicle to j.t.s. Myself (just was contracted by eagle canyon auto to install this radio).

The forth week after my purchase the front suspension bolts came lose.

Eagle canyon auto "repaired " this free of charge. My vehicle has since done about 35 000 kilometers. Within that period the suspension bolts have come lose every 5 000 kilometers (i.e. 7 times since purchase) that means that every 5 000 kilometers when the noise becomes unbearable i have to take my vehicle to eagle auto canyon where i have to beg them to fix it the same day.

Since my 30 000 km service and the regular replacement of the suspension bolts, the bolts have come loose again. Still eagle canyon auto are willing to fix these bolts, but it has become obvious to me that their workshop is not capable.

I run my own business and need my vehicle every day to deliver goods to my customers. Hence i bought this vehicle hoping it would help me and my business, but i have been greatly disappointed. I need a permanent solution witch i don't think auto eagle canyon is not able to offer.

Or is there a bigger problem inherent to these opel corsa bakkies?


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