OnTracontrac is not to be trusted!

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This terrible company should be shut down!! I have no idea how to they even stay in business with that kind of service! There are many negative reviews about OnTrac and a lot of people are not satisfied with their service and delivery. They often deliver damaged packages, many parcels got lost. My parcel was shipped to me via OnTrac and it never made it to me!! When I contacted OnTrac they claimed they delivered it but they never did! Even though I told them that I did not receive anything they tried to assure me I did, how ridiculous is that! Package was not find and they did nothing to help me, they also refused to refund me. Do not use this shipping service, OnTrac is not to be trusted!

Jan 19, 2017
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  • Ca
      Jul 13, 2017

    Me too I am so damn tired of this for 2 years now same thing. if we all shop somewhere else maybe amazon would get the hint .ok people we all need to get together on this on trac rip off bull [censor] I have dealt with this for 2 years .Ontrac are liars and thieves .iv spent thousands of dollars with amazon and they still do business with these proven crooks, Iv begged amazon every time that ontrac has stolen another order or forged a signature or lied and id they delivered package, amazon just throw your money back at you and thinks its all fixed I think there is legal ramifications and I'm looking in to it so lets stay together as a group and finally get amazon to get rid of ontrac.

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