OnTrac / incompetence of delivery people

These OnTrac halfwits emailed a "delivered" message but our package from Walmart was nowhere to be seen. The delivery description said it was left "Behind the gate" but there IS no gate here to leave anything behind. The package never showed up and Walmart sent the order again; half by Fedex and the other half again by OnTrac. The Fedex package was left outside our apartment door where deliveries usually are left. But the OnTrac delivery was left inside the entrance door to the apartment building; which is not a "gate" and was probably where the previous order was left and someone else just walked off with it! Today we came in from shopping and saw a delivery for a neighbor from OnTrac...OUTSIDE the entrance door and visible to anyone walking by on the street. We left it outside the neighbor's door with a message about what happened. This company is the worst I've ever seen and the drivers are apparently a bunch of [censor] who should be fired! I don't understand how a business this screwed up can even BE in business! If there's a way to avoid having anything delivered by these [censor] on the order forms I'll take Fedex, UPS or the mailman.

Nov 15, 2017

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