Ontario Energy Group / Scam and Advisor Taking Advantage of Senior

"Energy Efficiency Advisor" Faysal Abdikahin and his colleague Joshua Burke engaged my father a senior citizen into replacing the furnace, air conditioner and watercooler in our family home without my consent (I partially own the house) after reviewing our bills without my consent. They told him that it would save on the bills. I work out of town and when I returned yesterday both young men showed up to the house with three bags of chips - letting me know that they thought my father was a good person and wanted to help him. Faysal who lives in Kitchener... told me that he planned to visit my father every Saturday. This crafty guy let me know that he wasn't leaving the house when I told him to get out since my father invited him in. So there I stood in my house with these two tall young men in my house chatting up my father while I called family friends to alert them to the fact that the rip off artists were back and had taken a "personal" interest in my father. After four visits to the house they seem to want to be treated like family and now have plans to be back next Saturday. This conduct is totally inappropriate. Not sure what their plans are but I do not want to ever see them back in our home. How can this be stopped. Not sure what the implications are for the bill because I haven't seen the documentation.

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