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I hired Omni Financial
to work on abatement of penalties and/or interest with the IRS. My $3, 500 retainer was used up, but nothing was done for me as promised. I used to be a paralegal, and I know that nothing is ever a guarantee, but at the same time, I expected that some change to our financial situation with the IRS would have taken place as a result of Omni Financial working on our behalf. Omni has done nothing at all to change or help our situation with the IRS!

Nothing, neither positive or negative, nothing! I was promised by the initial Omni Rep. who contacted me that my $3, 500 retainer would be sufficient as a flat fee to complete our abatement issues with the IRS for our back tax debts. Even though I have been told that my entire retainer has been depleted (and I never was sent any billing statement until after the fact!), nothing has been done to either resolve or improve our financial situation at all, or even change it from the way it was before Omni was even in the picture!

IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME! I could have stood here and burned $3, 500 and been the better for it! Omni (Rachel Gillette, Esq.) has done nothing on our behalf at all, except a lot of 'padded' billing (which I just today received!) and wasted time not doing what I requested. Both myself and my CPA have done everything so far, and Omni has not helped at all, but yet has used up all of my $3, 500 retainer. Omni Financial is just another financial scam created to dupe unsuspecting consumers out of their money, and I have had to learn a very expensive lesson here.

No part of our initial request for abatement of penalties and/or interest for our back taxes with the IRS has been resolved at all. I have also had to re-explain quite a few times this same request a few times, as they were not always on track with what I needed them to do: the IRS abatement only, and not any State obligations. The only winner here has been Omni, because they got my $3, 500, money that I didn't have to just throw away. And I have nothing to show for that money, no change at all to our situation. I have really never been so taken advantage of before.


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      Jan 29, 2010

    contact /email removed/ for a class action lawsuit.. i worked there, there is esq...

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      Feb 03, 2010

    Here's a little secret with Omni. The sales people get paid on ADDITIONAL revenue. they do not get any commission from your original retainer so their goal is to burn through it and get more money from you.

    Also, there is a very specific process with the IRS and if Omni cannot present specific letters/documents than you can fry them for lying to you. Make them send you the specific documents and you can find these documents and procedures online at the IRS site. My husband and I decided to tackle the tax issue ourselves (he ostensibly owed $60K - yikes!) and it's fairly straight forward and procedure driven process with the IRS. Within 1-2 months he had the issue resolved and all penalties abated and he ended up owing $6, 500.

    Omni is a billing scam and if you look closely at their "contract" there is one important word. The contract states that they will "endeavor" to solve your problem. In legal language that means they will continue to bill you. So use their own language and force them to physically show you how they have "endeavored" to solve your problem.

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      May 18, 2017

    @ConsumerAdvocateinDC I was going to pay the retainer to Omni Financial after I researched their history and I see all the scam reports, thank you for taking the time to write the above! My wife and I would love to talk to you about what steps to take to get started??? I realize you may never see this... please contact me at zhana jade at yahoo dot com???

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      May 28, 2010

    I have worked for several of these companies over the past ten years and have the inside scoop on all the major tax resolution companies in Colorado. I am currently working with several state AG's and have shared my stories with a Federal Marshall.

    For the 411 on these companies:

    If you need any additional information on these companies I'd be more than happy to tell you the truth. My email is tax.[protected]

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      Apr 19, 2011

    Contact the Florida Attorney General's office in West Palm Beach. The number is [protected] ask for Financial Crimes Division.

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