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Omega Xl / Return policy

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What is O XL?

This item was developed by research workers who happen to be investigating the probable synergistic impact with ? fatty acids in different fish oils and the energetic elements from Perna canaliculus oil extract.

Perna canaliculus oil extract has a exclusive mix of fatty acids that are certainly not observed in almost every other marine or plant existence. Millions of dollars have been spent in researching the usefulness of this fatty acid compound which unquestionably locations this chain of omega fatty acids as the most strong organic anti-inflammatory from the globe.

Research workers discovered that several blends of ? fatty acids that have been mixed with perna canaliculus oil extract could either enhance or reduce its usefulness. Immediately after two years of preliminary work, a mixture of extremely advantageous oils as well as the energetic components from perna canaliculus extract oil had been utilized to create the super ? fatty acid blend known as Omega XL.

The combination of these marine sterols and lipid fractions has produced probably the most powerful delivery method to assist in treating inflammatory disorders by inhibiting the 5-lipoxygenase pathway.

Initiation and control in the inflammatory process is complex and governed by an array of biomolecular mechanisms. Just one important pro-inflammatory mechanism is closely linked with cell-membrane bound arachidonic acid, is converted into other compounds inside physique which are efficient inflammation-supporting elements.

This takes place by two important pathways in our metabolism:

The 5-lipoxygenase pathway (LOX) leading towards formation of leukotrienes.Numerous in the goods of these pathways have potent inflammation-supporting properties. For example, LTB 4 is a efficient chemotactic agent capable of attracting big numbers of leucocytes (white blood cells), for the site of the injury. Even though LTC four, LTD 4 and LTE four, that are identified as SRS-A's (slow reacting substances of anaphylaxis), a essential aspect in anaphylactic shock.

The cyclooxygenase pathway (COX) is definitely an enzyme that is certainly responsible for formation of important biological mediators called prostanoids (which includes prostaglandins, prostacyclin and thromboxane). Also with inflammatory components.Presently used anti-inflammatory drug treatments perform mostly by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase pathway. In view on the critical functions from the inflammatory method ascribed for the lipoxygenase pathway, there may be considerable scientific work to acquire a 5-lipoxygenase pathway inhibitor more than the past decade. Presently the cyclooxygenase pathways medications known as Cox-2 inhibitors are under review for their security.

Considering that fatty acids are a single from the most essential nutrients the human system demands unquestionably this combination is secure for all ages.

What makes Omega XL particular?

Due towards patented extraction practice along with a substantial TRADE SECRET in how the oils are uniquely blended, Omega XL is second to none and very much stronger than another crucial fatty acid obtainable. It has tremendous potency for any disorders that have an inflammatory component. Scientists believe that the functionality of these fatty acids inhibit the inflammation method by inhibiting the five lipoxygenase pathway (5 LOX inhibitor) and also the cycloxygenase pathway (COX inhibitor), thus stopping irritation at its root.

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  • Mo
      4th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Until Omega XL supply back up evidence of its claims it can only be regarded as snake oil. The weight of the capsules are difficult to find as is the DHA and EPA percentages. As for the statement that one capsule of Omega XL equals 500 Salmon Oil capsules, what a lot of rubbish.


  • Tr
      20th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Yeah right... Here's the naked truth I worked there, the agents are PAID to talk you out of canceling OR THEY MAKE NO COMMISSION!
    Every word is a lie. They take OVER 4 weeks to process a refund and much usually longer to inflate their balance sheets.
    When they run out of product they charge the account anyway and ship it 3 weeks later by BULK MAIL. So add another 10-14 days.
    If you send the product back and dont call to follow up THERE IS NO REFUND!
    Stay far far away. The CFO is the business manager from the Broward County billion dollar Scott Rothstein Scam.
    Run don't walk in the opposite direction! TOTAL SCAM!

  • Al
      13th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am a retired attorney and my husband, a retired engineer. We are 68 and 70 respectively. Both of us take Omega XL and have greatly benefited from the product. Blending the product with glucosamine has reversed the arthritis symptoms in our bodies and has enabled us to be far more active than we were without the Omega XL. Glucosamine alone was not working for us though we took it in large doses for many months. I am trained to recognize a scam, and I disagree with the snake oil posts that are here. This is our view and experience; obviously we would not have the product on automatic order status unless it was greatly benefiting our joints and health. From San Marcos, Tx Peggy & Clayton Wood

  • Li
      9th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    If anyone, then I am a huge SCEPTIC. You don't have a chance to sell me anything I don't want to buy and I do not believe any claims either. However, even though I am 40, I was suffering greatly from arthritis symptoms to the point that it was painful to walk, I could no longer sleep through the night because of joint pain in my right shoulder, I was wearing wrist support and my younger daughter was causing me great pain just by grabbing my hand or my fingers. I am a believer in eating organic, healthy wholefoods, but that along obviously was not helping. I ordered the Omega-XL product online and was taking it 4 capsules/day for less than a week when I felt great relief. I WAS AMAZED with results. There is no way anyone can say anything to convince me otherwise - this product is powerful, it really works and my results are next to a miracle. I have an extremely busy schedule. Nevertheless, I took the time to read through the book and material they send you with the product - I feel it is an important 2nd step once you get your package following you taking your first 2 capsules as soon as you can get your hands on it. Understandably the timeframe it will take to get results will vary upon each individual and are influenced by many factors in your life, diet, habits, etc. So take the time to research and improve all that, but definitely continue taking the product for relief of your symptoms and maintaining good health. This is definitely what I and my family are determined to do, even though the product is not cheap. Health is priceless!

  • Co
      22nd of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sorry folks, not a scam and a bunch of sour grapes from some of you. I had back surgery two years ago and did not believe any of this... until I tried it. May not work for everyone, but that does not make it a scam. Also, the return policy and phone procedures are no different than most online companies. There is no crime in trying to talk you out of cancelling your order if you believe in your product. Try it for 90 day and if it does not work good luck finding something that will!!!

  • Gf
      12th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    do some of the good comment people work for the company??
    How are we to know??
    Do people get paid for writing good comments??
    Why not send a free sample bottle with not strings attched??
    (Charge card only)
    And if it's so good then we'll all order it on our (charge card)
    Seem like a win win situation if the stuff really works ??
    I'd being ordering it for myself and my family
    and telling everyone that a some sort of pain about it!!

  • Jo
      20th of Nov, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I'm reading a couple of the positive comments here. I'm curious ... why would anyone who said this has worked even go online to look up such keywords as "omega xl rip off."

    The ones who want to investigate this Omega thing I can understand, but already satisfied consumers?

    Heh, it's pretty obvious the positive reviews are fake.

    I have tried this thing, and it did not even ease my pain. And it is not sever pain either!

    There simply is not enough of the ingredients in these pills to do that.

    And it took me 3 weeks with threats to the BBB and my state's rep who handles frauds to get my money back.

  • Do
      6th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was contacted by Great Healthworks for for a customer service position with some up-selling. I passed the interview process and was hired. Training was incomplete and unorganized. Our class had 4 different trainers for less than 2wks. One of the trainers just got out of training the 4 days earlier. We were told that they hire about 17 employees and were only going to keep about 4 or 5. During training, we all found out that this is hard core retention and not customer service. At the 3rd week I was put on the sales floor and was told to stop people from canceling their automatic payments. Most of the calls were from people that were not told about the automatic payments and people who got sick from taking these super potent omega 3 capsules. I was told by my supervisor to just make up lies to get them off the phone and not to cancel their service or else I would be fired. I was told to lie about how well its working for my family and friends. Whenever a manager was requested, I was told to say they were not available and to transfer them to voice mail where they will never get a call back.

    My supervisor says, "if you would just make stuff up you would do very well here."

    I was later fired during the fourth week because I a requested a refund for a senior citizen who is on a fixed income who was never told about the reoccurring charge to her bank account.

    I lost my unemployment compensation for accepting this job that was misrepresented to me.

  • Is
      6th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Note- I know nothing about this Omega Xl product. That being said MOST companies who play the auto ship game are doing just that. ; playing a game to get your credit card info so they can keep charging those cards. One such company was profiled on the TV series American Greed. Steve Warshak, Founder of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, a company he, his mom and a few friends started in his basement (nice sterile environment ) was a mediocre student in both high school and college. However while he had no background or degree in medicine or chemistry, he did have a knack for sales. His brainchild, the one product that made him 100 million dollars, was a supplement touted as a male enhancement product he named Enzyte. Remember the Happy Bob commercials featuring a geekish looking man with the frozen smile and the whistling tune? Those commercials were highly successful for Warshak. There was nothing new or special about those pills selling for an astronomically expensive $1.50 each that helped with ED or any other size problem. In his own words Warshak acknowledged that the main ingredients of Enzyte; horny goatweed, ginseng, maca root, and zinc, are the same ingredients that are in competing supplements; those that sell for substantially less and are readily available at any local health food store or pharmacy. Warshak told GQ magazine “We didn’t invent anything, . We just created better marketing.”

    Smiling Bob, aka Warshak, depended on cashing in on his customers' embarrassment. These customers were offered a free sample of these pills, that in actuality were of marginal help if at all...but with a catch. They were required to give their credit card numbers to pay the "small shipping and handling charge". Most did not know that in doing so, they had unwittingly just signed up for "auto ship". Month after month they were shipped bottle after bottle. Some were "oops accidentally" shipped and billed for two or three bottles per month. When they called to complain and tried to initiate a return and ask for a refund, they experienced such tactics as being put on "eternal hold", "accidentally" disconnected, transferred in circles around the company's phone loop. Warshak allegedly told his staff to wear them down. Give them the run around and do whatever they had to do to get rid of these very angry people and most played right in to his diabolical scheme and just gave up. These men were too embarrassed to speak to their physicians, even though there are real proven treatments available for them. When their credit cards were charged month after month, they would try to contact the company again and again but most were too embarrassed to file complaints with agencies such as the post office due to mail fraud, the BBB and even their own credit card companies. Personally I don't see why they didn't simply request a new card due to fraudulent charges. You wouldn't even need to go into it in depth (uh-pardon the pun), with the credit card company representative. Fraudulent charges, new card. It's really that simple.

    Warshak made 100 MILLION dollars during this scam. He lived in the lap of luxury while his "customers", some on fixed incomes, financed his, his mother's, his friends and finally his extended family's extravagant lifestyles.

    Long story short...Warshak was indicted on something like 112 counts of mail fraud, credit card fraud, obstruction of justice and money laundering and was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Bet he's not smiling too much anymore. His mother and many other members of his family who hitched their wagons to Warshak's star are serving reduced sentences which they received by testifying against Smiling Bob, uh, I mean Steve Warshak. Funny to note that his wife who stands behind her husband is an OB/Gyn. Warshak also admits he never used his own supplement even though he would be part of his own target market for his demographic for Enzyte. He was ordered to pay a fine that was a small percentage of his overall profits as the Feds decided not to pursue the false advertising aspect of this case . Warshak's company went bust, but was subsequently purchased by some other "entrepreneurs". Enzyte is STILL available for sale according to American Greed and GQ magazine

    Then there is the so called diet supplement named Lipozene. Lipozene claims to burn just body FAT without the need for dieting or exercise. On their commercials, apparent satisfied customers sit in front of the camera, never looking directly at the viewers, while a fascinated person sitting just off camera conducts the interview about this amazing product. This phantom interviewer never actually speaks. One woman whose claim to fame is a voice akin to fingernails on a chalkboard, proclaims that "when the fat started coming off, my husband said 'Look at you!" 10 seconds later she reappears and gives her to give her valuable insight that "that you just can't do it just can't". A man states how happy he is "that there are no weird diets or exercise (God forbid they recommend some movement), to follow" You just eat normally and the fat comes right off.. AND...the spokesliar's statement that this product costs so much because it works. HA! Read the scam reports all over the net about the ingredients in this so called amazing diet supplement. This same product was selling before with a different name. It didn't help people loose tons of body fat then and according to many reviewers online, it does nothing still. And again, it's another auto ship program with impossible to obtain refunds and auto STOP when requested!

    The show What Would You Do? had an expose on just how far random people would go with blatant lies if offered cash to push a (fake) new hair product that promised amazing results. Almost every person in the room told the fake producers they would say whatever was asked of them on camera, even though they obviously had never even heard of this "new product". They started filming and then were asked if they would not just embellish but really lie about the product benefits. They were then asked point blank if they had a problem lying to promote this product. Some were uncomfortable and some were not. If memory serves me correctly I believe at that point ALL of them said they were okay with it. They were filmed for the show repeatedly lying about how much they loved the product while they thought the camera was rolling to film the commercial. Then the real test of character. They had an actor put the product on her hair and within minutes she was seemingly holding strands of hair in her hand as it fell out. To their credit, at this point, some of the perspective actors for this "commercial" refused to continue. .Disturbingly, some continued. Even though they had seen what they thought was proof that the product caused someone's hair to fall out they would lie for the money. Makes you not believe ANY of those infomercials! Lastly, it's well known that more and more companies are now hiring employees for the sole purpose of combing through the net to post glowing reviews on products and services. You can't trust anything you read online now.

    Do your research and ask yourself why are these expensive infomercial products are not available for sale via normal venues such as brick and mortar stores, reputable online stores or reputable mail order catalogs? Why does a "free sample" or a "free bottle" require your credit card number? After all, free is free, right? Be wary of any company that auto ships. Some may be on the up and up but many are not. Auto ship means auto cash for the company every single month! Greed? You bet! But it's a brilliant marketing technique because it costs much more to obtain new customers than retaining old customers. And lastly, ask yourself if that product that sounds like a miracle is so wonderful, why isn't everyone using it? I mean really--.take those miracle weight loss supplements for example. If there were a pill that was safe and would allow people to stuff donuts and cheeseburgers down their throats while sitting on the couch playing XBox, sadly, half of America would be taking it religiously.

  • Bo
      8th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    The person that wrote, “why would anyone who said this has worked even go online to look up such keywords as "omega xl rip off."
    They read the comments before ordering, tried the product for themselves, and then felt compiled to respond to the negative feedback if they thought it worked for them. Isn’t that logical?
    That’s what I’ll do. I’ll report back later if I find this product worked or doesn’t.

  • Ba
      12th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    I do not understand the comment that was made by Joe Toughey ! Quote:

    "Heh, it's pretty obvious the positive reviews are fake." Joe what exactly in the positive comments makes you say such an ignorant thing? I am a customer ... I have been using Omega XL for about 5 months now and I am so very pleased with the results that I have had. There's nothing fake about me or my comments!! I am out here in the world like the rest of you looking for something to make living a little less painful. I am 71 and was suffering from arthritis, RLS (restless leg syndrome) and Fibromyalgia. I say was because since I have been taking the Omega XL I have had great improvement and relief in all 3 of those! Recently I ran out and was without my Omega for close to a month and I reverted back to the horrible pain and sleepless nights. I got my Omega 4 days ago and already I am sleeping and walking around with no pain so DON'T TELL ME IT DOESN'T WORK BECAUSE I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT DOES!! If something works I don't mind telling people because I know what it is like to be in pain and be sleep deprived and if other people can benefit and enjoy a better quality of life, then that makes me happy to know that just maybe I helped by taking the time to share this. God Bless Everyone!

  • Ba
      12th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Of course I agree I wrote the darn thing!!

  • Ja
      14th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    What is the phone number to stop the auto ship policy with Omega-XL?
    I need to do this ASAP!!!

  • Ly
      8th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    OMEGA XL customer service doesn't exist, and now their phone is disconnected.
    you will not get a refund, and they will keep billing you for a product that doesn't work.
    I have cancelled the bank card they were chargeing to. stay far away from these con artists.

  • Oi
      16th of Mar, 2013
    +1 Votes

    If you are t h a t c u r i o u s about this snake oil, and are willing to risk tossing away the $50 bucks just to see, ok - either send it to me, send it to the jesus ministry infomercial that was on directly after the omegaxl infomercial (Maybe not - because with omegaxl, you haven't got a prayer!) but if you **do** want to try it just once, then order it and simply

    Just cancel your card immediately after your first order! Simple.

    You got results? Or you **think** you got results? - - - (The mind works funny, psycosematicly you might just believe it worked) and if you believed it works, then just call with a new card. They'll gladly take your new card number.

    But for jesus christ's sake ******cancel your card immediately *** after your first order, before they can auto - renew. You can decide from there, , without getting charged again!

    Think, people - - - think

  • De
      22nd of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    70. 00 to 90. . Charge 1 statement above says it all. . . If its quality stuff and it works then why not give a free or trial sample with no strings attached!!! If the customer likes it and it works for them great, sign up for it and autopay and enjoy. . If they dont want it and dont like it for any reason, they have only to do nothing. No calls to cancel, within a time limit or ur stuck paying. You just do nothing, no o b l i g a t i o n s. . . N o t h i n g. . .

    Think people and telemarketers. . Its plain common sense. Why is there a down to the minute timeline. . . Da. . . So they can at least keep 1 70. 00 to 90. 00 charge. If 20, 000. 00 people get a trial product & cancle after the timeline they get no refund & are not supposed to be billed again & not receive more product. . . But that person just made about 1, 600, 000. 00 gross. On a capsule with nothing of health value to it and cost of pennies to manufacture. Im fighting them now top the tune of 260. 00. I tried returning my unopened bottles and they just sent them back to me and charged me again! I am 55 years old and work a hard labor job with body and joint pain as a constant reminder. I live in a right to work state and been at this golf course for 10 years with no medical benefits paid. I make 12. 73 an hr and laid off during the winter. Kids are grown and moved away. Now add it up 12. 73 x 160 hrs monthly. I cant afford to loose 260. 00 when the just maid minimum of almost 2 million in a month. Just not omega xl, all products advertised in this manner, should be banned or required to do as i have stated above. Why is it legal to rip of the consumer? To make oneself rich. The ten commandments, which are just plain good rules all should follow. T h o u s h a l l not s t e a l or do unto others as you would do unto yourself. It would be a great world if all would follow these 2 rules.
    Desireee common sense user now thanks to omega xl the take you money now and forever company.

  • Dw
      24th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    Listen up guys I have worked in sales my entire career, the telemarketers, get paid to sign you up and get paid to make sure you don't cancel., if you want to try this or any product that is on t.v. And not in a store you can goto, then get yourself a prepaid credit card and load it with just enough to order your first order. I have not used this product, but do know that from reading pages of negative post that in my opinion it works rarely! The customer service alone is a scam! Also these companies do post fake reviews! Buyer beware. I hope this helps! Be safe, and God bless!

  • Na
      30th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    Purchased Omega XL with the understanding that they have a money back guarantee. The product did not work for me, is nothing more than high price fish oil. After paying our $162.00 and several months of requesting a refund I finally received a refund of $62.00 - money back guarantee, what a joke.

  • Tr
      13th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I've been taking Omega XL for almost a year. It has stopped my hot flashes and sleepless nights/night sweats. I didn't even purchase the product for that reason. But now that my hot flashes/sleepless nights & night sweats are GONE, I will continue to use. I had joint discomfort which has also gone bye-bye. Everything is not for everybody. I was out of my Omega XL for a month and ALL symptoms returned except the discomfort.Take it with a grain a salt and keep it moving. If it works, you will continue to use it. Ladies who are in the same boat, try it. Menopause symptoms GOOD BYE!

  • Ra
      15th of Nov, 2013
    +1 Votes

    From the company website... "Company Background
    Pharmalink International Limited is an international natural health supplement distribution and marketing company whose sole product is Lyprinol®. Pharmalink is a publicly held but unlisted Cayman Islands company which was incorporated in January, 1999. The Company owns or is the exclusive beneficiary of the world-wide patents, trademarks and distribution rights for Lyprinol®.
    Pharmalink's administrative and financial management is operated out of Hong Kong and Manila, Philippines."

    No kidding. On that website when you click on 'contacts', you're given a mailing address in Hong Kong. So, the product is Lyprinol. It is distributed by many different companies all over the world with different names on the bottle.

    Lyprinol is really owned by a company called Pharmalink International Limited. In the US, their distributors are:
    Great HealthWorks (in Florida under the name, Omega XL)
    Lyprinol (in California)

    I used to work in the Florida office as a sales rep and, I don't have the time or energy to detail the horrific high-pressure atmosphere there and less than honorable tactics they expect you to use to make and keep a sale.

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