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Hire dates 16th - 19th June 2017. I booked an Audi A1, and paid for both the rental and the damage wavier insurance through I was collected by the OK Rent a Car minibus from Palma airport and taken to their off airport office. After a long wait in a very busy office I was offered a special offer upgrade to a Range Rover Evoque for €25, which seemed like a good deal so I decided to go for it. I also had to pay a €200 deposit for fuel, and was told that if I return the car full then I wouldn't have to pay any of their extortionate refuelling charges.

So I returned the car full of fuel, and was told by the man inspecting the cars that I would receive my €200 refund within a few days.

On checking my bank account they have only refunded £59.64 out of the £199.04 that they took from my card which included the €25 upgrade. So with the conversion rates they still owe me €133.

I called their customer service number, where the operator first said that the upgrade was €45 (I would not have paid this much, and their figures don't add up anyway). She then changed her story to say that it was €75 for the upgrade (which still didn't add up). When I argued this she put me on hold for ages.

So I called their Palma airport office, where the man I spoke to started saying that I was supposed to return the vehicle empty of fuel, which is in complete contrast to what I was told by his colleague. When I argued this he hung up.

Jun 28, 2017

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