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I have to say that Officemax is a total ripoff. We paid a thousand dollars give or take for a laptop and when we got it home it did not work. We returned it three days after the sale and they had the audacity to tell us we had to pay a 15% restock fee and they refused to waive it!!! Then to make matters worse, even though we paid cash they said they did not have the money in the store to refund the purchase and would have to refund the money to my credit card so I had to wait another week to get my money back and to go somewhere else to buy a laptop that actually works! The staff was rude about it and actually seemed to feel like it was justified to take my money from me for an item that was defective. I had to pay these people 150.00 for their mistake!. Why in the world would anyone shop there? How can any store sell you an item and STEAL 150.00 from you when it does not work. I have bought major electronics from many stores and have never been robbed like this from anyone. In my opinion this is no different than stealing. Please think real hard before buying anything expensive from this place because if you get home and it does not work, you WILL be forced to pay 15% of the purchase price if you return it. BAD FORM Office Max. You have lost a good customer and if you keep this up I doubt you will be in business very long.


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      Nov 13, 2010

    You should go to the website and at the bottom of the page look for the Customer Service phone number or email. Though there are many national chain stores that have a restocking fee, the 15% stocking fee shouldn't apply for a faulty item. Be specific about the problems with it.

    As far as a cash refund, no they don't have that much cash or any 'petty cash' fund available on site. Doubt that any average size retail store does, including Kmart or Walmart. They have armored car service that makes routine cash pick ups to. I think you may be confused about doing the return to your credit card. If they offered to make the return to your credit card, then the money should be readily available in a couple of days depending on which bank/company you have it with. It is the return by Corp Check that would take about a week to process and be sent out.

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      Jul 21, 2011

    First off, you don't understand what it costs the company to take back your product that has been opened. They cannot resell it, so they just lost the full amount of the product that you spent. In comparison, a meager 15% means nothing. Second, if the laptop was defective, why didn't you just switch it out with another laptop of the same kind? The restocking fee disclaimer on the back on the receipt and on the sticker placed on the laptop clearly state that you can exchange a defective item for the same item at no cost (and that if the item is opened, it is subject to a 15% fee). You never stated that you didn't like the laptop other than that it was defective. So why buy a different one at a different store when you could have got the same one there at no hassle? The real truth is you didn't like the laptop and wanted a different one. The restocking fee is good because it prevents people with no ethics like you from just going around testing out products and returning them and costing businesses hard earned money. In addition, you act like OfficeMax is the only store that does it, but others stores like Best Buy, Office Depot, and Staples do it too. If you want to know the truth, you robbed OfficeMax of $850 dollars; they did not rob anything from you.

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